Learn the basics in beef grading! USDA quality grade levels are based on the amount of marbling in a steak (those fine, white flecks you can see in the meat). The more marbling, the juicier and more flavorful the beef is. And Central Market only sells the two highest grades of beef: Prime and Choice.


USDA Prime is the highest-quality grade for beef, and this standard is awarded to only 2 percent of all beef graded in the United States. Prime graded beef has abundant marbling, and makes our beef very juicy, more flavorful, and tender.


Because Central Market’s USDA Choice beef is aged Angus beef, it has the same robust beef flavor as our Prime beef with slightly less marbling, which makes it slightly leaner, but just as tasty.


At Central Market, all­natural is a classification describing how the cattle are raised, not on the marbling in the beef. Our beef is never­ever given added hormones or antibiotics, and has no additives or preservatives of any kind.

We’re proud to offer a wide selection of top-quality beef in store. Learn what makes our meat special – whether it’s Prime, Choice, grass-fed, or ground.
  • Central Market sells only USDA Prime and top two-thirds USDA Choice, richly marbled, grain-fed, natural Angus beef.
  • Angus Beef is recognized as highly flavorful beef, with superior tenderness and consistency.
  • Aged a minimum of 14 days for increased tenderness.
  • Provided to Central Market for more than two decades by the Hartleys, a sixth-generation Texas ranching family from Chalk Mountain, Texas.
  • Central Market offers grass-fed beef that is born and raised in the United States on the grassy pastures of sustainable family ranches.
  • Our grass-fed beef is all-natural: raised without added hormones and without antibiotics.
  • Compared to conventional beef, grass-fed beef contains 60 percent more Omega-3 fatty acid and has two times more vitamins A and E.
  • Grass-fed beef is typically leaner than grain-finished beef.
  • Our ground meat is more flavorful because it comes from the same quality and grade specifications as our natural Angus beef steak and roast program.
  • Ground fresh in each store several times daily, for maximum freshness.
  • Ground from whole-muscle natural Angus beef cuts for rich, beefy flavor.

Check out our chicken! With all-natural, air-chilled, and organic offerings, all raised without added growth hormones or antibiotics, see what makes our chickens extra flavorful.

Our USDA Grade A chicken is fresh, American Humane Certified chicken that is minimally processed and free of additives, preservatives, or flavorings of any kind.

Air-chilled chicken is cooled by purified air rather than water. This process results in chicken with superior flavor and texture.

This chicken is fed an organic diet, with access to the outdoors, and isn’t given antibiotics or growth hormones. Our USDA organic chicken is also air­chilled.

Berkshires are an English heritage pork breed, loved by the Royal Family, dating back more than 300 years and known for their purity, tenderness, marbling, and superior flavor. Raised without added hormones or antibiotics, and containing no artificial ingredients or added preservatives, they’re 100 percent pork and 100 percent awesome. Plus, they’re born, raised, and harvested on small, Midwestern family farms.

Round out your cookout with our delicious sauces, sides, artisan accompaniments, and more.

Select BBQ Sauces

Grills just wanna have fun! Choose from a huge variety of all-new BBQ sauces like Pork and Mindy, Bounty and Full, Grill Side, Deaf Man’s, Brownwood Farms, Red Duck, and more.

Seafood Kabobs

Choose from mixed fish, shrimp, or tuna, each skewered with veggies and ready for the grill.

Yee Haw Pickles

Small-batch, hand-cut pickles that are free from artificial preservatives, color additives, and refined sugar.

Jammit Jams

Seasonal, whole-fruit jams with just natural cane sugar and a splash of libation. Drizzle on grilled meat, seafood, fruit – anything! Choose from Cherry Clove Cabernet, Orange Hatch Vodka Jammalade, or Lemon Dill.

Sea Siam Sauces

Peanut, Green Curry, and Creamy Massaman Curry sauces. It’s like having a Thai restaurant in your own kitchen! Available in Dairy.

Bola Wood Fired Pizzas

From the popular Austin food truck, these Neapolitan-inspired pizzas feature three-day cold-fermented dough, Texas seasonal produce, and a parbaked crust for a distinctive char. No oil or sugar – just one of the finest frozen pies we’ve ever found.

Niman Ranch Sausages

Add some variety to your cookout with Apple Gouda, Chipotle Cheddar, Kentucky Bourbon, Spicy Italian, and Sweet Italian sausages from Niman Ranch, the largest network of family farmers and ranchers in the country.

Henning's Mango Fire and Pico de Queso Cheddars

Spice up your burgers with spicy sweet Mango Fire (mango and habanero) and Pico de Queso (tomatoes, serrano peppers, onion, and cilantro) Cheddars from Wisconsin! Available at the Deli Counter.

Chef-Prepared Potato Salads

We have taken the humble potato to new heights! Choose from Bacon Bleu Cheese, Mustard, and Aunt Pearl’s.

Dulce Sweet Peppers

With few seeds and thick walls, these fresh sweet peppers are great on the grill, roasted, stuffed, or chopped into salads.

We fly in the finest Hawaiian seafood directly from the Honolulu Fish Auction so you get the best selection of fresh, never-frozen fish. In fact, our buyers handpick the fish each morning. The daily selection is available at your local Central Market within 48 hours of leaving the auction.


Often known by its Hawaiian name, Ahi, this tuna has a firm texture, mild flavor, and is an excellent source of extra lean protein. It’s the preferred fish of sashimi lovers.

Best enjoyed seared or raw.


Hawaiian swordfish can reach 600 lbs. and are in season right now! It has a firm texture, mild flavor, and high oil content. A four-ounce serving provides 1,200 mg of Omega-3s.

Best enjoyed grilled.


Yummy yummy. Available from Hawaii most of the year, Mahi Mahi has a firm texture and a delicate, mild, sweet flavor.

Best enjoyed grilled just until flaking.

To ensure a top selection of Grouper and Snapper, we work directly with Gulf Wild™, a nonprofit conservation organization leading the wave in genuine, responsibly caught, and traceable wild domestic seafood.

Gulf Wild and their fishermen harvest the best from fisheries spanning from the Western tip of Florida all the way down to the southernmost point in Texas, while using an innovative sustainability and management plan. Plus, because of Gulf Wild’s transparent process, we can track the fish we sell all the way back to the fishermen, boats, and locations they came from!

Thanks to Gulf Wild, we make sure our Gulf Red Grouper and American Red Snapper aren’t just delicious, but that they’re sustainable too.

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