Bring home the romance this Valentine’s Day with scrumptious chef-prepared meals, perfect for sharing with your sweetie.

Lobster Tail Dinner

Shell out the romance this Valentine’s Day with oven-roasted lobster tail, complete with shallot topping and Gremolata butter. Complemented by asparagus and pea risotto, sautéed baby vegetables, brioche rolls, and a bibb and frisée green goddess salad. Plus, enjoy Anthony’s mousse cake and raspberry macarons for dessert.

Beef Tenderloin Dinner

A well-seasoned love deserves well-marinated beef tenderloin. Topped with shiitake butter and accompanied by a selection of scrumptious sides like mashed cauliflower, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, a bibb and frisée green goddess salad, and brioche rolls. End on a sweet note with Anthony’s mousse cake and raspberry macarons.

Salmon Mushroom Pasta Dinner

Make the night right with our chef-prepared Pappardelle pasta in a mushroom asparagus sauce, topped with oven-roasted salmon. Enjoy some side action with a bibb and frisée green goddess salad, brioche rolls, and then finish with Anthony’s mousse cake and raspberry macarons.

Herb-Roasted Cornish Game Hen Dinner

Be on your Valentine’s Day game with herb-roasted Cornish game hen. Served alongside mashed cauliflower, sautéed baby vegetables, brioche rolls, a bibb and frisée green goddess salad, plus Anthony’s mousse cake and raspberry macarons for dessert.

Browse a sweet selection of bars – from dark to white, sweet to salty, smooth to nutty.

Hexx Chocolate Bars

In true bean-to-bar form, Hexx uses cacao beans sourced from the best farms around the world, and handcrafts their chocolate in Las Vegas using only two ingredients: cacao beans and organic palm sugar. Even their milk chocolate is crafted the same way, with just a touch of organic milk and vanilla.

Marou Chocolate Bars

Single-origin bean-to-bar chocolate sourced from Vietnam and then created in the traditional French artisan production method. Marou works directly with Vietnam cacao farmers and sources 100% local ingredients (only sugar and cacao).

Shattell Chocolate Bars

Artisan chocolates produced in Lima, Peru, using the finest organic cocoa beans grown in different areas of the Peruvian Amazon.

Chocolat Madagascar Chocolate Bars

Award-winning chocolate, freshly produced in Madagascar from the finest Cocoa in Madagascar since 1940. The factory sits close to the cocoa plantations so you get some of the freshest chocolate available.

Raaka Chocolate Bars

Handcrafted in Brooklyn from responsibly sourced cacao beans. Send your senses on a trip around the world with flavors ranging from roasted nibs from the Dominican Republic to cocoa from Bolivia, New Hampshire maple syrup, and even chocolate aged in bourbon casks.

Yves Thuriès Chocolate Bars

Mr. Yves Thuriès has twice been elected “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (Best Craftsman in France). Each chocolate bar is made with 100% pure cocoa, and his exclusive recipes combine the best vintage of cocoa with the finest ingredients.

Get your chocolate fix from more than just desserts. Discover new ways to incorporate some sweetness into your cooking with these rich recipes.

Attend one of our chocolaty classes, learn from one of our visiting top-tier chocolatiers, or come get a taste at our annual stroll.

Chocolate Stroll: Thursday, February 4, 5–7 PM

Don’t miss out on the sweet action happening at the Central Market Chocolate Stroll. We’re transforming our aisles into a chocolate red carpet. Indulge your sweet tooth and sample some of the world’s finest crowd-pleasing classics and edgy avant-garde chocolate items at tasting stations throughout your store. Event is free with registration. See the Info Desk with questions.

Playing with Chocolate: Easy and Impressive Recipes

Guittard Chocolate Company, a San Francisco Bay area-based chocolate maker, has teamed up with Alice Medrich, an American icon in the world of chocolate, to bring you an evening filled with chocolate delights. Alice will guide you as you sample a variety of Guittard chocolates, discussing how cacao percentages impact recipes and how to select from the diversity of Guittard chocolates to make simple but impressive desserts.

Chocolate Desserts

Is there anything better in the world than chocolate? Indulge your sweet tooth by learning to make decadent chocolate recipes.

Find new ways to satisfy your sweet tooth with our wide selection of chocolate, in all of its finest forms.

Prestat Posh Chocolate Spreads

Rich, dark chocolate spreads using 72% cocoa chocolate with cocoa beans sourced from the island of São Tomé and the rainforests of Ghana and Tanzania. Spread over toast or croissants, use for dipping fruits or filling cakes, or melt over ice cream.

Chocolate Hazelnut Pear Torte

Made fresh daily by our expert bakers. The Pear Torte flaunts a rich, flourless dark chocolate cake made with toasted ground hazelnuts, a splash of brandy, and topped with pear halves.

Smoked Paprika Cocoa Dry-Rubbed Chicken Breasts

A savory seasoning with subtle smokiness, gentle spice from chipotle chiles, and soft bitter notes from the cocoa to activate your taste buds and give the chicken a fuller flavor. We love this flavor combination! Also try Smoked Paprika Cocoa-Seasoned Whole Chicken, Split Breast, Leg Quarters, and Drummettes.

Brownwood Farms Chocolate Topping

Thick, rich, homemade chocolate deliciousness with chunks of Northern Michigan cherries mixed right in. It’s simply delightful over ice cream, pound cakes, or cheesecakes.

Chocolate Love Chocolate Pie

Don’t miss this rich, fudgy chocolate cream pie on top of a buttery cookie and graham cracker crust. It’s a Central Market exclusive that’s made locally in Dallas.

Capriole Farmstead Fromage à Trois Bourbon Chocolate Torta

Handmade goat cheese from a dairy 20 miles outside of Louisville, Kentucky, is combined with small-batch, artisan Kentucky straight bourbon and Belgium chocolate. Spread at room temperature on crusty breads and cookies or crumble atop a fresh garden salad.

Banner Butter Dark Chocolate Butter

Made by hand in small batches in Atlanta, Georgia, with cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, and local milk that comes from grass-fed cows. Smear on fresh, crusty breads or breakfast breads with fresh fruit.

Chocolate Chip Baguette

Sweet baguette spiced with cinnamon and loaded with semi-sweet chocolate chips. Great as a snack or for breakfast slathered with salted butter.

Brush up on all that’s chocolate dipped, rubbed, mixed, and melted with these chocolaty posts.

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