Bacon lovers rejoice! Bacon Fest is here, and it's going to be a big slab of happiness. We’ll have over 35 varieties, including hand-cut, cherry- or applewood-smoked, duck bacon, and more. Plus tons of recipe ideas to take bacon way beyond breakfast.

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You’ll find 35 different types of varying thicknesses, meats, cured and uncured, and so much more. If you can call it bacon, you can find it at Bacon Fest. Click below for the bacon list.

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All bacon is delicious, of course. But some bacon is better for different uses. Click below for tips on how to get the most out of every type of bacon.

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With these recipes, you’ll find dozens of delicious ways to get bacon into every meal, including soups, bread, pasta, tarts, seafood, even bacon desserts.

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We don't just have the best bacon to cook. We’ve also scoured the bacon-eating world to bring you the best bacon products.
North Country Smokehouse Cob Bacon

Corn cobs and natural hardwoods make a smooth yet robustly smoky cob bacon that’s handcrafted based on a family recipe, including curing for seven days in New Hampshire dark maple syrup and smoking for 10 hours. Crispy enough for your BLT, yet just right for a hearty corn chowder. View Details

Nodine’s Connecticut Hickory Juniper-Smoked

Ronald Nodine’s created his first batch of bacons 45 years ago in a backyard shed. And since then nothing’s changed. Cured for 10 days, then smoked with real hickory and Juniper berries for a rich, forest flavor. Try this full flavored bacon on a classic Alsace-style Onion Tart. View Details

Edwards’ Virginia Bacon

Ninety years ago, Sam Wallace Edwards began handcrafting small-batch bacon in Virginia. Today, the Edwards family still uses Sam’s recipe—dry cured for a week, smoked with 100% hickory wood in an outdoor fire pit. You’ll want to try our hearty white bean soup that shows off the best of this bacon. View Details

Burgers' Smokehouse Country Pork Jowl Brown Sugar Bacon

E.M. Burger cures his artisan bacon following a generations-old recipe. Sliced twice as thick as most bacons, cured in brown sugar, salt and pepper, and smoked over hickory for extra-rich flavor, this one begs for a bowlful of greens and a side of cornbread. View Details

Nueske’s Cherrywood Bacon

Secret blends of imported herbs and spices are just part of R.C. Nueske’s old-world techniques for crafting deep, smoky-flavored bacons. Smoked for hours on fresh-cut, glowing embers of Wisconsin cherrywood, this bacon pairs perfectly with tangy goat cheese in a new take on a Tex-Mex classic. View Details

Pederson’s Honey Bacon

Crafted in Texas, you’ll find no added nitrates or nitrites here, just Pederson’s perfection. Their newest bacon swirls Texas honey in the brine and smoked with hickory for balance. Now, up your grilled cheese game with our recipe for a Grilled Irish Cheddar, Honey Bacon, & Tomato Sandwich. View Details

D’Artagan Duck Bacon

There’s everything to love about the spectacular flavor of D’Artagnan Smoked Duck Bacon. Moulard duck breasts are rubbed with salt and sugar, and smoked over wood chips for a balance of sweet, smoke and salt. Which makes this bacon the perfect centerpiece for our Duck Bacon Poppers. View Details

Red Top Farms Berkshire Uncured Slab Bacon

Red Top Farms Berkshire slabs are crafted by a German family-owned smokehouse that’s been smoking meats in the US since 1880. Slow-smoked for 18 hours with applewood for a smooth smoky flavor and simply seasoned with sea salt and turbinado sugar. Perfect paired with Brussels sprouts. View Details

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