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Create your own Lively Luau

From the Big Island to
your backyard.

Say aloha to island-inspired dishes.

From fresh fish, succulent pork, and sushi to tropical fruits and exotic floral, we have everything you need to throw a party worthy of the Big Island. Well, except for the grass skirts.

A little taste of the tropics.

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Kalua Pua'a (Roast Pig)
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Grilled Mahi Mahi with Mango Salsa
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Seared Hawaiian Albacore Tuna With Wasabi-Butter Sauce
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Teriyaki Sesame Chicken Skewers
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Arugula Salad With Mango, Avocado, and Toasted Macadamia Nuts
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Rum Butter Pineapple Upside Down Cake
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Papaya Granita
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Coconut Shrimp
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You don’t have to fly to Hawaii for an authentic taste of all the islands have to offer. With our help, you can bring paradise to your own kitchen.

  • Chicken satay is an island staple. Pick up some already seasoned and skewered in our Market department.
  • One advantage of being surrounded by water is that fresh seafood is just a fishing line away. Good thing we have an expert seafood buyer who handpicks the best mahi mahi, tuna, snapper, and wahoo to be flown to our stores in Texas.
  • Thanks to an abundance of off-the-boat seafood, Japanese cuisine has found a happy home in Hawaii. Add this flavor to your luau with freshly made sushi and rolls from our in-store sushi bar. Buy it ready-made, or we’ll make it to your order.
  • Exotic fruit is closer than you think, and some of it is precut for your luau. Buy pineapples whole, cored, or chunked; or pick up fresh guava, passion fruit, mangoes, coconut — even taro root (a must for poi).
  • Serving fish whole is part of island culture. Fortunately for you, our fishmongers can prep a whole fish in minutes.
  • Tropical-fruit-infused frozen treats are available in our freezer cases, such as chef-driven High Road mango chile lime sorbet or Trentino coconut gelato.

No time to cook?

Our catering experts can help you custom-
build the perfect menu for this party.

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How to Decorate With Banana Leaves

Simple yet inspired table decorations? Look no further than the humble banana leaf. These versatile leaves—or something similar, such as ti or aspidistra—have long been a florist’s best-kept secret. When used to line the inside of a glass vase, textured leaves hide unsightly flower stems and lend a polished feel. But that’s only one easy-to-execute idea.

Need candles? Wrap glass candleholders in textured plant leaves like banana leaves. To do so, use scissors to cut a strip from a study leaf, making sure the height of the leaf is equal to that of the...

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Go-To Guide: How To Grill Seafood

Fish cooked over fire is probably one of the first cooked proteins eaten by humans. Maybe that’s why the delicately sweet flavor of fish seems especially complemented by a whiff of smoke—it’s part of our genetic memory. At any rate, grilling remains one of the easiest, quickest, and tastiest ways to cook fish or shellfish.

Use a hinged wire grill basket for whole fish and fillets of tender fish. Firmer fish can be cooked directly on an oiled grill. Skewer small shellfish such as shrimp or scallops on metal or...

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Central Market Sushi Makes a Nice, Light Meal

When you need to make a smarter, more healthful decision at mealtime, stop by Central Market’s sushi bar, where sushi chefs are slicing and dicing fresh fish—maki sushi (with white and brown rice), nigiri, hand rolls, tataki, sashimi and spring rolls—from open till close. Everything is made fresh daily, and there’s no holdover from the previous day.

The pre-packed assortment in the chilled case makes it easy to grab and go, and packages contain colorful combinations of standards and specialties, the latter of which changes daily. You can also...

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Drink in the ocean breeze.

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A Tropical Twist A Spanish staple gets an island infusion in our recipe for tropical sparkling sangria.

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Wine and Dine Look for bright, crisp wines with a good bit of acidity, including sparklers like Cava or Champagne or still whites like Sauvignon Blanc or Albariño. A light-bodied, fruity red such as Domaine de Roche Guillon Fleurie Beaujolais would also work well.

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Kona Coffee Hawaii’s Big Island is famous for Kona coffee. The mineral-rich volcanic soil and ideal climate produce a robust, complex flavor sought by coffee lovers the world over. Try it iced with sweetened condensed milk and a little cinnamon or add an ounce of coconut rum for a kick.

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The Real Deal Do as the islanders do: sip ginger ale with your luau fare. You’ll find authentic ginger ales and ginger beer in our Grocery aisles.

Entertainment ideas.

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It’s in the Jar Simple and affordable mason jars filled with sand and seashells would make terrific table toppers. For an evening affair, set a tea light or small votive among the shells. Mason jars also make shabby-chic vases for colorful and exotic flowers.

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Paradise City Big-leafed plants and tropical flowers infuse instant brightness and can transport you and your guests to the islands. Find orchids, protea, heliconia, birds of paradise, and monstera leaves in our Floral department, and ask our experts to help show you how to pull them together for a statement-making centerpiece.