Kensington Pride Mangoes Will Rock Your World

Direct from Australia, Kensington Pride (KP) Mangoes are now available in-store – but only for a limited time. It’s summer Down Under, so these mangoes are peak-of-season. Get them while you can! KP Mangoes are the #1 variety in Australia, and with good reason. The flavor is off the charts! With sweet, tangy, out-of-this-world flavor, they’re a bite of Australian sunshine!

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Follow the Piper

A crisp is what the Brits call a potato chip. And Pipers crisps began in the UK when three North Lincolnshire farmers said, “Hey! Let’s use local potatoes to make Britain’s most incredible crisps in great flavors that will win awards for taste and quality and make people who eat them happy.” Well, it was something like that anyway.

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Amedei, Famous Italian Chocolate Called Best In World, In-Store Now!

It’s here! Amedei chocolate - known as the best chocolate in the world - is now at Central Market! Made in Italy, Amedei is a single-origin, bean-to-bar chocolate that has only been available in a few U.S. stores or by mail. But now, all you have to do is walk into your Central Market and head to the chocolate shelves. 

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Cat Island: Rich, But Righteous Crackers

Is it a cracker or is it cheese? I haven’t yet been able to decide as I work my way through the package of Cat Island Zesty Cheddar Bites. Sharp Cheddar cheese (which is the first ingredient), pure butter, and Tabasco sauce combine to make creamy, rich, and spicy crackers unlike anything you’ve tasted before.

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Growlers Now Available at Austin Westgate

The grand opening of our growler filling service at the Austin Westgate store is today at 5 pm -- just in time for Halloween weekend! (Growlers are refillable half-gallon bottles that allow you to take home a jug of beer that’s available on tap.) You’ll be able to bring your growler in and choose from 20 different amazing beers on tap at any one time. 

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Another Look at Lovera: Photos

Today is part two of our post on Lovera Aged Caciocavera cheese -- that buttery, nutty cheese that's been handmade in Krebs, OK, for more than 60 years. We wanted to share a bit more about our trip to visit the fine folks at Lovera, this time in photos taken by Michael Clouser during our cheese-making video shoot.  If you missed the video, head back to the previous post and give it a watch. Aged Caciocavera is a legend, and watching it be made was a foodie field trip we won't soon forget! 

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Capriole Goat Cheese

500 Alpine, Saanen, and Nubian dairy goats live on 80 acres of rolling southern Indiana hills. They are (a very important) part of the Capriole team that creates award-winning goat cheeses by hand on their farm. Well, the goats aren’t doing anything “by hand,” but you know what I mean. All milk used to make Capriole cheeses comes from this herd, right there at the farm.

The Capriole story begins with an old barn and a few 4-H project goats. That grew into an incredible love of incredible goat cheese, produced on the farm from milk to cheese.    

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Find the Perfect Pairings with Cheese, Wine & Beer

When two great flavors are even better together, it’s a match made in foodie heaven. These tasty pairings are the result of flavors that balance and boost each other, rather than overpowering or clashing. Cheese and wine or beer make happy matches, so here are a few suggestions for your next cheese party. 

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More for Your Cheddar

We want to help you throw the most epic cheese party, so we’re dishing out Foodie Freebies that guarantee you’ll have a cheese platter for the ages.

Crackers, jams, and more are all free when you purchase various cheeses during our cheese event -- now through Nov. 1.

Ready to see what awesome freebies we have for you?

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