Mothers Day Gifts for the Mom Who...

Sunday is Mother's Day, and Central Market is aisle after aisle of awesome gift ideas for Mom. Just think about what she likes (Chocolate? Tea? Lobster? Peanut butter? Cheese? Local beer?) and get shopping!

And don’t forget the flowers, of course. (Add some leafy vegetables or succulents to the bouquet for an unexpected special twist.)  To get you going, here are a few ideas for the mom who… 

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Mother’s Day Brunch: You Got This

It's time to celebrate Mom! The amazing woman who cut your grapes in half and sat through your games, recitals and plays. This year, rather than making brunch reservations, make a wonderful brunch right at home. Don't make that face -- you can totally do this. Central Market has everything you need, and we're happy to help a little or a lot. Pick up a few key items that our chefs and bakers have prepared and then add a couple simple homemade touches to round it out. You’ll have a spectacular brunch in no time at all!

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It's the Last Day of Passport: Shop For Cinco de Mayo!

Passport Mexico wraps up today, but don’t be sad: with the 5th of May right around the corner, you can use everything you learned during the event to throw your best Cinco de Mayo celebration ever!

The techniques and recipes you learned at our special cooking school classes and the new products and flavors you discovered in the store are everything you need for the perfect party. 

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These Mexican Bakery Treats Are Not To Be Missed

Our stores are full of incredible Mexican-style meats, cheeses, sauces, and produce during Pasaporte Mexico, but have you checked out the Bakery?
There’s a lot of butter and caramel involved. Need I say more? 

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Mexican-Style Meatballs and Picadillo

It's 5 pm, and you're on your way home from work. Despite all of the "10 Crockpot Dinners That Will Change Your Life" pins you've saved, you have nothing planned to feed your crew tonight.

Hey, no worries. We've got you covered with 6 flavors of Mexican-style meatballs and picadillos. These delicious dinner options are ready to cook and ready to solve your “what’s for dinner” conundrum. They’re made fresh in-store daily, and you'll find recipes based on both in our Market (and below).  

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Mole Made Easy

Mole is an iconic and complex Mexican sauce with a creation tale that involves 17th century nuns scrambling to prepare a meal for the visiting archbishop. Today there are as many varieties as there are abuelas and tias who pass their cherished recipes down as heirlooms. Here’s how to bring this tasty bit of history to your table.   

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Keep Traditional Mexican Crafts Alive!

Barro canelo ("cinnamon pottery"), hand-carved wooden wares, baskets woven from palm fronds and textiles woven on looms. These are traditional Mexican crafts that have been sustaining communities for generations. And during Pasaporte Mexico, you can find them right at Central Market!

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Mexican Olive Oils Are a Buttery Delight

“Gird, oh country, your brow with olive…”
Olives are such a part of Mexican heritage and culture that they are mentioned in the national anthem. And, lucky for us, our southern neighbors don't just honor olives in song, they also turn them into absolutely incredible
olive oils.

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