Beware of Flying Pigs

Ezechiello Levoni began producing Levoni Salumi in 1911, when the company's first artisan prodution opened in the outskirts of Milan. By 1913, Levoni and his products were winning awards at international exhibitions—despite doubters who said he could only win "when pigs grew wings."

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Feed the Fire

Central Market Natural Berkshire Pork upholds the heritage and quality synonymous with Berkshire pork for more than 300 years: fine marbling, flavor, tenderness, and juiciness.

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50 Shades of Green

Former Central Market Produce Partner Sean Henry knew Frances & Thatcher Farms Salad Mixes were perfect for our stores when he co-founded the farm in 2008.  With our committment to bringing customers to high-quality, locally grown produce, Central Market was proud to be one of Frances & Thatcher Farms' first customers.

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Feed Your Everyday Gourmet

Victoria Amory Condiments and Sauces are crafted to help you prepare gourmet food anytime. With cooking sauce and condiment collections that perfect piri piri, give mayonnaise a high-end makeover, and dress up ketchup, your daily meals can skip "extraordinary" and go straight to "out-of-this-world." 

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The Stuffed of Legend

With summer about to heat up, it’s time to plan your next grilling masterpiece. Look no further than Central Market’s Stuffed Burgers hand-crafted daily by our Market Partners. 

After all, what could be better than a hot, juicy, tasty Angus burger filled with melted, cheesy deliciousness fresh from the grill? 

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Dessert by Design

For proof that what you learn in school really can be useful in the real world, look no further than Coolhaus Ice Creams and Bars.

Founder Natasha Case studied the concept of "Farchitecture" (Food + Architecture) in a graduate architecture program, and decided that ice cream sandwiches were the perfect realization of the Farchitecture concept, given the unique structure of Coolhaus sandwiches. 

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Eat, Love, Ciao Passport Italy

The last two weeks have been packed full of Italian taste treats as far as the eye can see. As we say ciao to this year's Passport Italy, there is no reason to be sad, because so many of our and your favorite goodies are going to stay stocked on our shelves for months to come.

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Italia in a Flash: Salumi

There are lot of different ways to say delicious in Italian, like delizioso or squisito. But for me the clear translation of delicious is salumi, salame, and salsiccia all words generally referring to seasoned meats that are then cured or smoked. We refer to our great variety of salami and Italian style dry cured sausage as salumi.

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Italia in a Flash: Riso and Risotto

Riso is rice in Italian and risotto is a famous Italian cooked rice dish. Risotto probably originated in Milan, drawing on the rice grown in the fertile Po River Valley since the Arabs introduced rice to the country in the Middle Ages.

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Italia in a Flash: Prosciutto

Prosciutto basically translates to ham in English; there are two major types produced in Italy, prosciutto crudo and prosciutto cotto.

Prosciutto crudo is a raw cured ham typically made with only pork, salt, sometimes a few herbs, and time. This is what we typically refer to as prosciutto in the U.S.

Prosciutto cotto is any cooked ham, which can be plain or flavored with herbs, truffles, or other flavors. We have lots to choose from in our deli.

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