Power to the Peanut

You can’t get more homemade or handmade than Reginald’s Homemade Nut Butters, a Central Market Foodie Find.
Founder and owner Andrew Broocker (whose name is not Reginald, but more on that later) is all about making peanut butter and making it right, all by hand. 

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Are You Really Into Holiday Meals?

Do you proclaim yourself the ruler of turkey? Does even your kids table have a waiting list? What’s your favorite spiced wine recipe? Go ahead, mull it over. Ever visited a website because you knew it had cookies? I mean, are you REALLY into holiday meals? If the answer’s yes, then make some magic and make Central Market a part of all your Holiday feasts.

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Go On a Holiday Stroll With Central Market!

We love the holidays, but we know just how hectic and frenzied it can get the closer you get to those big days. Which is why the November 7th Sip and Stroll is the perfect way to ease into this time of year. Truly get into the holiday spirit by enjoying food and beverage samples at stations positioned throughout the store. 

Take your time walk through the store and collect ideas from near and far to make your table the best in town.

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Pasta La Vista

Our Specialty Foods Buyer uncovered the perfect Foodie Find during a recent trip to Italy: Filotea Pastas, hand-packed, slow-dried egg pastas crafted by the small Italian company known for its artisan pasta.   

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Let Tea Lift You Up Where You Oolong

Turn your daily tea routine into a tea experience with Lahaha Loose Pouch Teas discovered exclusively for Central Market and now an October Foodie Find. 

Tea has been an integral part of life in China for millennia. As the story goes, tea was accidentally discovered by Shennong, a Chinese emperor and herbalist in 2737 BCE. 

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Cooking by Color

Confession: I used to be a picky eater. If it looked funny, smelled funny, touched anything else, or was difficult to pronounce, I wanted no part of it. My favorite meal kept it simple -- pot roast, rice, a baked potato and a wheat roll. Nutrition was not my top priority. I was not worried about a balanced diet, vitamins, or minerals. 

But I have always been easily distracted by color.  And that’s how my mother tricked me.

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Become A Rocketeer

Ruby’s Rockets – what’s not to like?  Delicious and healthy, with only 2 grams of sugar in each pop!  At this time of year, when Moms start fretting about the huge amounts of sugar that will likely be consumed by their children (I’m looking at you, Halloween), Ruby’s Rockets offers a treat to kids while tricking them into eating their veggies!

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The Sexy, New Superfruit is Now at Central Market

Yuzu, a citrus fruit, is gaining global fame as the next big superfruit, and it's the new star in our Produce department. 

The fruit is originally from East Asia, where it grows wild in China, and has been cultivated in Japan and Korea since the Tang Dynasty in 618-907 A.D. 

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Perfect Your Perfect Cheese Platter

The party season is upon us! Whether you’re entertaining friends and family or want to impress at the office party, cheese boards are consistent crowd-pleasers.

We mined our Cheese guide, quizzed our Certified Cheese Professionals (CCP), and checked with expert sources to get the basics on how to create the perfect, and perfectly easy, cheese board. 

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