Everyone Will Eat Their Vegetables

It’s so easy to add So. Much. Flavor. to your favorite veggies. These spices work great in the oven or on the grill. But get ready for questions. Questions like, “OH MY GOSH. What is this magical seasoning on the vegetables?” And, “How on Earth did you make the cauliflower taste SO GOOD? I mean, it’s cauliflower.” Now how you answer these questions is completely up to you. Tell them it’s a family secret shared with you by Great Uncle Olaf, or that it came to you in a dream, or the gnomes who live in your garden left the recipe on the patio. Or tell them it’s Urban Accents Veggie Roasters, and they need to go to Central Market and get some for themselves. Your call.    

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Rumi Spice: US Military Vets Connect Afghan Saffron Farmers with the World

Today we’re spotlighting Rumi Spice, a company led by a team of US military veterans working to cultivate peace through sustainable economic development. Rumi Spice partners directly with Afghan farmers to provide the world with high-quality, sustainably farmed saffron, while investing in the Afghan people and strengthening communities. We're proud to carry this saffron in our stores for you! 

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Gulf Wild Seafood: Sustainable, Responsible, and In-store

Gulf Wild sets the standard for responsibly caught, sustainable seafood in the Gulf of Mexico. Look for the Gulf Wild gill tags – they’re your sign that your fish was caught by local fishermen who maintain the highest standards for fishing operations. And, more good news: we have Gulf Wild Snapper and Grouper in store for you! 

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Freshly Made Sausages, In Store for You

Want to grill up something a little different for dinner tonight? Our freshly made sausages are just what you’re looking for. Our Sausage Meisters make them fresh each day, and whether you like naturally raised pork, beef, chicken, or turkey, there is a sausage variety for you. The whole cuts of meat are blended with our signature spices and top quality ingredients to make old-world favorites and flavors you’ll only find at Central Market. 

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Rubs Are the Jam!

During our grilling festival we are featuring a seriously huge selection of sauces, seasonings, butters, rubs, and jams to flavor your food up approximately 4 million different ways.

Today I'm going to share with you a few of the rub and jam flavors I think you'll love. They are a super easy way to bring monumental flavor to your meal. Plus, it's always fun to try out new products, right?

So, set the salt and pepper to the side tonight. You have a whole new world of flavor opportunities to explore!

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How to Grill Pork Like a Pro

Looking to expand your grill skills beyond burgers and chicken? Here are some pointers on how to go whole hog this summer and grill perfect pork chops and tender tenderloins. We've also included a quick marinade recipe to get you started.  

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Boring Burgers, Be Gone!

Kethchup and mustard are fine burger toppings, but your burger can do so much more! Different spreads and sauces, fruit, veggies grilled and seasoned – even different types of meat – will all bring fun new flavors to your burgers. Pineapples, jalapeños and feta? Sure! Grilled salami, mozzarella and fresh basil? Why not? Here are some more ideas to make your burgers anything but boring:

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BBQ Beyond the Meat

Your grill may be the rock star of your backyard party, but we all know stars need great bands and back-up singers to be a real success. That's where these guys come in: fresh rolls and desserts from our Bakery, cheeses from the Deli, Chef Prepared salads and dips, pickles, chips, fresh guac. This supporting cast of fine foods means your guests will have a front row seat to the best show in town! Here is a look at some of the foodie band members sure to be a hit at your cookout:

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Rosé All Day

Rosé is the “it” wine of summer. Pleasantly crisp, light and refreshing, it’s the perfect wine for outdoor gatherings – even if that means gathering a stack of magazines and sitting on the deck.

Rosé is definitely having a moment: It outsells white wine in France, and is so popular in the Hamptons with the weekenders that there’s a shortage (that’s reported breathlessly in the papers). But don’t worry --we’ve got plenty for you, and it’s on sale!

So stop in during our A Cut Above Grilling Festival and start seeing your summer through rosé-colored glasses!

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Say Goodbye to Dry Chicken

Chicken is the season-it-up, can’t-go-wrong, crowd-pleaser meal, perfect for grilling. But sometimes it can be tricky to know how long to grill it so it’s cooked through, but still juicy and flavorful. Here are some tips to make sure your chicken comes off the grill perfectly every time. 

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