Taste of Thailand for the Lunar New Year

Home-style Thai classics are not an area of expertise for me, and trying to recreate the deliciousness of my favorite Thai restaurant is something that I thought was impossible. That is until, Sea Siam, started bottling and selling their velvety smooth peanut sauce at our stores.

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Raaka Chocolate Bars Rock

See what we did there? “Raaka,” Finnish for “raw,” is pronounced “rock-uh.”

Not that the Brooklyn-based chocolate makers have any Finnish connection. The word sounded good to founder Ryan Cheney, who got in to the sweet world of chocolate while living in a yoga ashram in Thailand.

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Dick•Taylor Takes Chocolate Back to Its Roots

Dustin Taylor and Adam Dick, aka Dick•Taylor Craft Chocolate, are on a mission: Craft chocolate the way it was meant to be crafted so it can be enjoyed the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

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Frederic Blondeel's Passion for Chocolate Will Ignite Yours

Frederic Blondeel's perspective on chocolate is unique, seeing as though he's managed to create world-class chocolate after only being a full-time chocolatier since 2006. And we're the place in the country where you can find Blondeel chocolates!

Though his entrée into the culinary world happened when he became a Pastry Chef in 1994, Frederic Blondeel really only had eyes for chocolate.

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Wine and Chocolate Make the Perfect Pair

Admit it. You’ve been in the Wine Department eyeing the chocolate—or vice versa—and you’re just about ready to take the leap to the ultimate indulgence. Consider this the nudge you need. 

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DIY Crowd-Pleasers for the Big Game

There's nothing like a house full of friends gathered for the Big Game to make you want to get creative in the kitchen, right? We know the feeling, and we've lots of party-ready recipes just waiting for you!

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We have Flavor Down Cold

In stores now: Our new Cold Pressed Juices!

We’ve changed the way we make our fresh juices!  You will still find the bounty of flavor-filled juices you love. Only better. The color, texture, nutrients, and taste – especially the taste – are all kicked up a notch by a process called Cold Pressed that keeps our fresh juices as near-to-nature as possible. But first things first:

What is Cold Pressed?

"Cold pressed" basically means "crushing without heat." The process extracts juice by first crushing, then pressing more juices, oils, and tannins from fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  Cold pressing generates almost no heat—an important difference from standard juicing. 

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