Meet the Chocolate Maker: Willie Harcourt-Cooze, Willie's Cacao

Trust me, you do not want to miss the chance to meet Willie Harcourt-Cooze and hear him talk about chocolate. Whether you’re a cacao connoisseur, or you’re holding tight to the chocolate you loved as a kid, I promise you’ll have a new outlook on chocolate after listening to Willie. 

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Explore The Pastabilities

Who knew Iowa secretly produces authentic, all-natural, homemade Italian sauces? WE DID!

Galassi family chefs start with fresh tomatoes, then add layers of deep flavors from chunks of mushrooms, peppers, Parmesan cheese, extra basil, and herbs and spices you can see and taste.

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Mediterranean, Y’all!

We’ve brought the best of the Mediterranean to the Lone Star State. Our team of Executive Chefs crafted Mediterranean-inspired dishes that will entice your taste buds without abandoning your resolution to eat well.

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Salami Obsession? Cured!

We are the first in Texas to bring you Wisconsin’s legendary Bolzano Salami.

On a recent trip to the Badger State, Will, our Deli/Cheese Buyer learned Bolzano’s Salami enjoys a near-cult status: People in Wisconsin love their Bolzano about as much as we Texans love our sweet tea.

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Broaden Your World Brew

Our Coffee Buyer David traveled throughout Bean Belt countries like Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Indonesia, and Ethiopia in search of microlot coffees grown in limited harvest on small farms where flavor and quality are the highest priority. 

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Low Gluten Lifestyle? It's A Piece of Cake!

If you’re managing a low gluten diet, eating your daily bread can be crumby.  Consider that problem solved. Our expert Bakers have created a new assortment of soft breads, moist sweets, and oh-so-delicious cakes that layer our expertise and standards for taste on to the low gluten diet lifestyle. 

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Orange You Surprised I Said Mango?

Mangos for our Citrusational Citrus Fest? Not exactly... Mango Oranges have dropped into Central Market, and are making a name for themselves here in our Produce aisle. There outer appearance can fool you to think its a normal run of the mill orange, but once you cut them open you will come to find they are anything but ordinary.

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Ice Cream That's Free of The Bad and High on the Good

Do your New Year’s Resolutions have you dreaming about sweet desserts like ice cream, gelato, or even frozen yogurt?   Well, we here at your friendly Central Market Frozen department have just the thing to help you keep your resolution while still indulging your sweet tooth: Dream Kream!

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Reserve Your Valentine's Day Dinners for Two and Let the Romance Begin

We prepare it. You share it. Capture your Valentine’s heart with a complete chef-prepared meal. Reserve at the Catering Desk or by calling the Sweetheart Hotline.

Each complete chef-prepared meal comes with a fruit, Brie, and walnut salad, a brioche loaf, one Mini Anthony's Chocolate Mousse Cake, mixed berries, and four macarons. 

Choose from this year's meals: 

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Death By Chocolate Is the Sweetest Way to Go

Let us ask a silly question: Are you really into chocolate? (Is there any other way to be into chocolate besides “really”?) Have you ever wished for a chocolate fountain … at a regular fountain? Do you say nom nom to bon bons? Is even your Labrador chocolate?

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