Central Market

Dinner for Two

for Plano

Heat up, eat up, no cleanup.

A restaurant-quality, chef-prepared dinner for two is your go-to move when you don't have time to cook, but do have time to swing by your store. It's zero prep, but 100% delicious.

Dinner Tonight:

Chicken Poblano Enchiladas

Served with Spanish Rice, Borracho Beans, Central Market Flour Tortillas.

Suggested wine pairing:
Cross River Sauvignon Blanc

We now offer a second chef-prepared dinner for two option with fewer than 700 calories every day. Just look for this icon:

Herb Roasted Salmon

Served with Grilled Vegetables, Roasted Rosemary Potatoes .

Saturday, November 29

Chicken Quesadillas

Southwest Vegetable Saute, Borracho Beans

Under 700 Calories:

Herb Roasted Salmon

Grilled Vegetables, Roasted Rosemary Potatoes

Sunday, November 30

Lasagne al Forno

Caesar Salad

Under 700 Calories:

Mushroom and Cheese Quesadilla

Southwest Vegetable Saute, Cuban Black Beans

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