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Cooking School Gifts

Cooking classes make excellent gifts for anyone who’s really into food, or who wants to be. If you’ve got someone like that in your life, make their day with a Central Market Gift Card. Your friends, family, or colleagues will be able to choose classes that fit their interest – and their schedule – and you’ll get a great, big Thank You. We even have holiday-themed gift card holders; just stop by the Info Desk to pick them up.

We know some gifts are meant to be a surprise, so keep this in mind: If you purchase a class online as a gift, upon completing your purchase, the email address you list on the registration form will receive the confirmation e-mail, as well as any other correspondence related to the class.

Registration Information

Unless otherwise noted, class participants must be 18 or older. Participants in beer or wine tasting classes must be 21 years or older.

For kids’ classes, children ages 12 and under should be checked in and out by an adult. Please plan to arrive at least 10 minutes before class begins to complete the process, and pick up your children promptly as class ends. Unless specified in the class description, adults are not allowed in the room while class is in session.

Hands-on, basics, and kids’ classes are designated. All other classes are demonstration. All class participants receive a recipe packet and sample the food.

Most evening classes include wine pairings. Please limit your consumption to items served in class.

Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Late arrivals will be seated in available spaces.

To avoid being charged the full price of the class, cancellations must be made at least four days before the day of the class.

Menus are subject to change because of the availability of seasonal ingredients.

Students should be dressed with safety and comfort in mind. Please wear closed-toe shoes, shirts with fitted sleeves and remove any jewelry. Long hair should be pulled back.

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Cooking School

You won’t skip these culinary classes.

From knife skills to the latest cooking techniques, there’s always something new to learn in our cooking classes, taught by our cooking school staff, featured instructors, and celebrity chefs from around the world. You’ll always leave hungry for more. And we promise no pop quizzes.

Featured Classes

cooking school

Eating with the Seasons: A Dosa Love

Instructor: Sapna Punjabi-Gupta, Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist; Ayurvedic Practitioner

Discover the benefits of naturally fermented foods with healthy probiotics and easy ways to integrate them into your everyday cooking. Winter is a time to build your immunity and strengthen your overall digestion so spend a little time learning about Indian crepes made with a rice and lentil batter.

cooking school

Seafood 101, Hawaiian-Style

Instructor: Central Market Cooking School Staff

Take a tour of our Seafood Market, learn how to select fresh fish just in from Hawaii, and then back to the Cooking School where you'll cook the catch of the day.

cooking school

How To Build a Poke Bowl

Instructor: Central Market Cooking School Staff

Discover the basics for building this delicious Hawaiian bowl that incorporates not only some of the freshest seafood in the market but fresh vegetables and sauces, too. Let your imagine run wild as you create your own personal bowl of poke.

cooking school

Sharpen Your Knife Skills

Instructor: CM Cooking School Instructor

Learn to slice, dice, julienne and chiffonade with confidence and skill. Note the characteristics of a quality knife and how to care for and handle this prized tool of the kitchen. Bring a chef’s knife from home or purchase a knife at a discount on the night of class.

cooking school

Wrath Wines Paired with Family Favorites

Instructor: Sabrine Rodems, Winemaker, Wrath

Sit back, relax and enjoy a casual evening with the winemaker as she discusses the grapes, how they are grown and her inspiration. Our Cooking School staff will show you how to make some family favorites of the owners and the winemaker that highlight the best qualities of each of the wines.

cooking school

Cast Iron Cooking with Bacon

Instructor: Central Market Cooking School Staff

Create new traditions. Whether you're camping, in your backyard, or in your kitchen with family and friends, learn to prepare dishes with cast iron cookware. You will also learn how to season and care for your cast iron.

cooking school

Steakhouse Favorites

Instructor: Central Market Cooking School Staff

With the assistance of our instructors, you'll make all of these steakhouse favorites: a delicious dressing for your salad; shrimp poached to perfection; and crispy onion rings to complement your main course, a perfectly cooked Porterhouse Steak with Pan-seared Cherry Tomatoes.

cooking school

For the Love of Bacon

Instructor: Central Market Cooking School Staff

Enjoy making a meal accented with everyone's favorite pork product – lots and lots of bacon.

cooking school

Parent & Child: Build a Better BLT

Instructor: Central Market Cooking School Staff

Enjoy one of life's great pleasures - a basic bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwich. And then you'll be introduced to a variety of options that will help you build the best BLT ever.

cooking school

Texas Parks & Wildlife: Grilling Duck Poppers, Venison Burgers, and Fish Tacos

Instructor: Texas Parks & Wildlife and Central Market Cooking School Staff

Spend an evening grilling some of the best our great state has to offer. Discover the importance of prep work and then gather ‘round the grill to prepare a crowd-pleasing menu ready for your coming spring barbecue.

cooking school

Phoenix Claws and Jade Trees: Authentic Chinese Cooking at Home

Instructor: Kian Lam Kho, Culinary Instructor; Cookbook Author

As this expert shows you three ways to stir-fry and one braising technique, he will explain which method is best for which ingredients and how to achieve the desired results. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to re-create dishes from all over China and even invent your own favorites.