Coffee and Cooking Come Together

If you like to cook and love coffee, you'll perk up at this news! Our Cooking Schools are getting in on the Coffee Week fun with several classes that bring coffee into the kitchen.

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A Whole Brew World: January 25-31

We know coffee. (And we know it’s ahhh-mazing.)

We get really excited when it comes to the flavors, the farmers, the origins, the roasting. All of it. And we know you do, too. That’s why we go all-in to bring you the biggest selections and highest quality beans. We work with more Texas-based roasters (like Katz, White Rock Coffee, and Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters) and have the largest selection of single origin and micro lot coffees than anyone in the state. We also roast coffee ourselves in our Austin Westgate store. Told you we were serious about it! 

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Epic Bone Broth

If you're looking for a new way to get protein in your diet, how about an old way? EPIC's Bone Broth is a ready-to-heat-and drink beverage made in the traditional fashion our grandparents and great grandparents and great, great grandparents would be very familiar with.

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Baked Ricotta with Orange Blossom & Cherry Sauce

Citrus Fest oranges and fresh from Down Under New Zealand cherries come together with cheese in this creamy and sweet baked ricotta dish.

Serve as an appetizer, as part of a cheese course, or for dessert paired with shortbread cookies and break up your menu monotony!

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Tribal Caught Steelhead

Steelhead are gorgeous silver fish from the Salmon family that live part of their lives in fresh water and part in the ocean. Quinault tribe families have fished for these big, bright fish for hundreds of years on the Olympic Peninsula. Today, the steelhead return from the ocean in December and are caught in the Quinault’s tribally operated and managed fishery.  

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Duck with Citrus & Cherry Glaze

Pick up a Citrus Fest orange and some New Zealand cherries in our Produce department, and create a dinner fit for a restaurant: Duck with Citrus & Cherry Glaze. It's not complicated, but you'll feel like a gourmet chef as you ladle the cherry sauce over the crispy duck breasts and add a side of green beans. 

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Wine Tasting: Marietta Cellars Christo Lot Number 3

Today through Saturday the folks from Marietta Cellars will be touring the stores, sampling their Christo Lot Number 3 and answering any questions you may have.

This remarkable red is Syrah-based with Petite Sirah, Grenache, and a dash of Viagnier in the blend to make for a big, rich, unique wine.

Find the day and time for your closest store and come taste it for yourself! 

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Tangelo Teacake - Also, what is a tangelo?

Relatives in town, baby shower, wedding shower, fancy brunch, birthday breakfast, everyday breakfast. Tangelo Teacake is bright, light, tart, sweet, and ready for whatever's on your calendar. 

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New Zealand Cherries

It’s summer down under, so these large, sweet, juicy cherries are peak-of-season and ready to go. 

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Citrus Fest Fresh Finds

Citrus Fest means new fruits, new products, and new ready-to-go items prepared fresh by our chefs. From shrimp and crab cakes to salads and pie, our stores are bursting with citrus flavor and fun! Here’s a look at some of our favorite freshly prepared items you don’t want to miss:

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