Making the Central Market Anniversary Cookbook

A little more than a year ago, we started talking about creating a new cookbook to be part of our 20th anniversary. Over the next nine months, we read through countless recipes, nitpicked over fonts, photos, colors, and spent a lot of time double checking we spelled everyones name correctly. Making the 20th Anniversary Cookbook, was a blast, and now that the books are in stores, we thought you might enjoy some of the behind the scene photos and notes from making the book.

We were very clear from the start that we wanted to cook the meals following the recipes exactly and then photograph them, so we rented a house and got cooking and prepping, just like you would do at your house. 


We shot all the photographs for the book over four days, in Austin with a small team, for a project this size. Being in a home, with such a small group really gave the sense of getting ready for a dinner party. I'll be it a dinner party where you check on every detail twice. 


One of the main reasons our photographer, Jody Horton, choose the house he did was for the great natural light. The huge floor to ceiling windows were perfect to capture the food.

We shot the cover of the book last and the design idea was a play off of our 20th Anniversary logo, which uses food shapes to create the number 20. The team at Creative Suitcase worked tirelessly on the design of the book and we could not be happier with the final product. 


Lastly, a huge thank you to all of the chefs, long-time customers, and Central Market Partners whose stories infused the book with the true spirit of Central Market and Texas Monthly Publishing for all their work to get this project finished.

Chefs: David Lebovitz, Peter Reinhart, Martin Yan, Annisa Helou, Anne Willan, Tre Wilcox, David Harap, Daniel Olivella, Jason Dady, Hiroko Shimbo, Linda Fox, Patrice Olivon, Grace Young, Sarah Fioroni, Paula Lambert, Francis Mallman, Nick Malgieri, George Geary, and Molly Stevens.

Customers: Cheryl Hamilton, Claudia Malaya, Debby Kalk, Grace Bishop, Judy Salmon, Kirk Wilhelmus, Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, Lorna Peters Dressler, Madelyn Rosenbaum, Marni Hager, Michelle Clark, Michelle Zwicky, Nancy Beck, Olga Campbell, Pam Dunlap, Paul Boone, Penny Pannell, Sally Smolenski, Sandy Jones, Sandy and Kevin Henning, Sarabeth Smetzer, Sherry Wilson, Shirley Good, Sue Plaunt, Sue Worscheh, Taffy Delgado, Trish Williamson, Victor Valdez, and Mary Holian

Partners: Jesus Fernandez, Katelyn Nicholson, Hannah Smith, Michelle Rodarte, David Kiser, Karen Cassady, Lilo Strait, Cindy Haenel, and Vance Ely
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Marla Mills wrote on 1/6/2015 3:20:59 PM

I am interesting in purchasing the 20th Anniversary cookbook but I don't live near a Central Market. How can I order one?

jennifer Vidler wrote on 12/13/2014 10:54:45 PM

Book looks wonderful. Can it be ordered on line.

Lee Ann Whetstone wrote on 10/25/2014 11:49:25 AM

Can this cookbook be purchased at HEB stores? Can you order it on line and have it shipped?

Karla wrote on 9/12/2014 3:20:02 AM

When is the estimated release date of the cookbook?

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