Lone Star Power

Texas is vast, and likes and dislikes vary as much as the dress code between Amarillo and Austin. But one thing is sure. With the number of craft breweries opening every day around the state, there is surely something to please almost everyone. And we’re very excited about the expanding line-up of Texas-brewed beers on our shelves.

Here is a run down of some very highlights of the Lone Star brewing scene.

Bexar County’s latest addition, Franconia, hit shelves and made a splash. Their offerings include a Hefeweizen, a Koelsch, and a Dunkle, all brewed in the traditional German style. Our friends from McKinney are definitely sending the good stuff!

Southern Star out of Conroe continue to expand their influence on our shelves with some amazing seasonal releases. This season’s release, Walloon, is a Grissette-style beer originating in Belgium, and we look forward to next season’s Pro-Am offering.

No Label from Katy has also been expanding their shelf space with their newest beer, 1st Street Ale. A remarkably smooth blonde ale that is sure to please.

St. Arnold’s continues their ever-expanding universe of beers with the release of their seasonal Oktoberfest and forthcoming Pumpkinator, both highly regarded by the beer community.

Relative newcomer Cedar Creek has been brewing up some buzz with their Lawn Ranger Cream Ale and Elliot’s Phoned Home Pale Ale.

New barrel-aged offerings from Adelbert’s bring a unique take on things. Their Dancin’ Monks Barrel Aged is the newest offering, a Belgian Style Dubbel that ages in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels.

And lets not forget some of our hometown boys. Real Ale Brewing Co. has been up to great things with their new Brewer’s Cut series and beers like Iron Swan, a collaboration between Real Ale and The Sword, a metal band based in Austin.

Ranger Creek Brewing also just released their Small Batch #6, a sour red Flander’s Ale.

Great things seem to be on the horizon for Texas beers, so stop in and try some of the best craft beers in the nation, brewed right here in the Lone Star State.
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