Grains Are The New Greens

Using grains from all over the globe, our Executive Chefs created new palate-pleasing salads that combine tastes in an entirely new way, and are perfect as an August Foodie Find.

Farro, an ancient Middle Eastern grain popular in Italy, whose nutty and chewy texture takes on an Asian flair in our Edamame Salad with Black Barley and Farro.  

Quinoa, the ancient South American seed that's commonly called a grain, has a fluffy texture and is best featured in our Latin Chipotle Red Quinoa Salad. This quinoa salad is an excellent protein-packed dish dotted with fresh grilled corn and avocado and finished with the tart sweetness of lime and citrus to create a full-blown samba in your mouth.

All of our grain salads are available in the Chef's Case at each store.
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Jennifer McKeown wrote on 8/30/2015 7:09:49 PM

Same here. I love the salad and would like the recipe.

Pat Krov wrote on 11/6/2014 3:19:54 PM

Can I get the recipe for your Moroccan Barley Salad, it seems pretty healthy. I tried getting the black barley from CM but they didn't have it? Any help in obtaining the recipe would be appreciated. Thanks, Pat

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