Filotea Pasta Tasting In-Store This Sunday

Antonio Lupini of Filotea is flying in from Italy for a special pasta tasting at the Dallas Lovers store this Sunday, September 22. He'll join our Foodie team in the Specialty Foods area to do what we do best - entice you with amazing new products and mouthwatering demonstrations. It's what makes Central Market a cut above other stores, much like Filotea is a cut above other pastas.  

Filotea is a small Italian company with a passion for producing traditional artisan pasta. Their egg pasta is made by carefully following an ancient recipe from Marche, Italy, and the preparation methods handed down from the generations. Only the highest quality flours and freshest eggs are used, making for an incredibly light texture that easily absorbs sauces and flavors.

These are the beautiful boxes of delicately folded, handmade pasta made from exquisite ingredients such as squid ink (ideal with cuttlefish) and fine black truffles. You may have noticed them on our aisles - they make a stunning display. Recently highlighted as a favorite by Saveur magazine, the slow drying process and brief cook time (only four minutes) are most reminiscent of homemade pappardelle, tagliolini, linguine and other authentic offerings. It's the kind of pasta that inspires us to cook, and begs for simplicity of ingredients - quality olive oils, fresh grated parmigiano reggiano, hand-torn basil - that compliment the heavenly taste and texture of the noodles without covering them up.

Please stop by Dallas Lovers this Sunday from 3-7 pm to taste Filotea for yourself, chat with Antonio, and pick up a box or two of their amazing products. Filotea demos will be happening at some of our other Central Market locations as well, call your store for details.  
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