Brewniversity Sip & Stroll

Beer is meant to be enjoyed with friends and great food, and we believe that it is even better with friends, great food, and a stroll through your local Central Market.  Join us on Thursday, September 12th, for a full beer tutorial during the Brewniversity Sip & Stroll, try centuries-old favorites from around the globe and exciting new craft brews from around the corner.

As you stroll through the store, you'll have the opportunity to discover new ways to enjoy beers and ales and sample foods that pair beautifully with these selections at ten different stations throughout all of the departments. 

You will want to register for the event in advance, there are only a few walk-up spots available per store. Registration also includes a few extra goodies for you to take home.

Reserve your spot today: 
If you can't make it to the stroll, make sure to check the cooking school page or your store's event calendar to see all that is going during the two weeks of festivities.
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