Apple Season Is Here

We know it's Fall in Texas when the temperatures drop below triple digits and the bountiful crops of apples start showing up in droves at Central Market. Right now we have over 25 varieties with some interesting hybrids that move really fast - maybe even some you've never tasted. Now is the time to check it out.

Did you know that a SweeTango Apple is a cross between a Honeycrisp and a Zestar? They're tart, tangy, crisp and refreshing. If that's not your bag, we've got dozens more to choose from. Honeycrisp are big and sweet and perfect for coating with caramel. Just biting into one brings up memories of shorter days, chilly evenings, turning leaves and the State Fair. It's that time of year, and we're getting excited.

It's time to start digging your sweaters out, decorating the front porch, stocking up on treats and getting back in the mood to bake. Shopping our apple selection is sure to put you in the right mood. As always, if you're not sure about the variety just ask one of our Partners for a sample.
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