Alaskan Brewing Has Expanded Our Brewniverse

This weekend Dallas Lovers Lane had the great opportunity to host Alaskan’s brewmaster Rob Day.  We were able to expose customers to this brand that has only been available in Texas for a few months.  After hosting Rob in our beer and wine department where he sampled his beers and signed bottles, our chefs in the cooking school hosted a dinner that showcased the versatility of Alaskan’s beers when pairing with food.

Back in 1986 Alaskan Brewing Company founders, Marcy and Geoff Larson, created what was the first brewery in Juneau since prohibition and the 67th brewery in the United States.  While researching the history of Alaskan brewing, Marcy unearthed records describing the brewing process and recipes from Douglas City Brewing Company which closed in 1907.  After a test batch, made by Geoff, they were able to see what made the beer so popular almost 100 years ago.  This beer became what is known as Alaskan Amber.

From the humble beginnings which included Marcy, Geoff, and a group of volunteers hand packaging 253 cases of the first official batch of Alaskan Amber, the brewery has grown to be the most award winning craft brewery in the history of the Great American Beer Festival.  When you taste any of the brews from this Gold Rush era inspired producer it is easy to see how they have gained so many awards.

Alaskan Amber – The malty character of this brew is perfectly framed by a hop flavor on the finish and has a richness to the palate that provides a balance not seen in most amber beers.

Alaskan India Pale Ale – The aromatics for the IPA are intense and complex due to the addition of dry hops during fermentation and is balanced by a pronounced citrus character and finishes very refreshing.

Alaskan White Ale – Made in the traditional Belgian-style the beer is slightly sweet with aromas of orange peel and coriander.  A delicate beer that is smooth, complex and deliciously refreshing.
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