Pasta La Vista

Our Specialty Foods Buyer uncovered the perfect Foodie Find during a recent trip to Italy: Filotea Pastas, hand-packed, slow-dried egg pastas crafted by the small Italian company known for its artisan pasta.   

Filotea (pronounced “fill-o-tayuh”) Pastas are prepared in Marche, Italy, following an ancient recipe that includes blending flour, durum wheat semolina, and free-range eggs are blended to create a light texture that easily absorbs sauces and flavors. 

The pastas are dried naturally for 70 hours for a flavor that tastes homemade with ingredients like black truffles, spinach, and squid ink. And with the wonderfully brief cook times (only four minutes!), you’ll be able to serve an authentic Italian meal in no time. Just add sauce, and no one will believe you didn’t make these pastas with your own hands. 

Available varieties include: Fettucine Spinach, Linguine, Pappardelle, Spaghetti alla Chitarra, Spaghetti ala Chitarra Squid Ink, and Tagliatelle
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Jesus wrote on 10/20/2015 3:24:35 PM

Could you please send me the prices and brands of tagliatelle in stock? Thanks for the info.

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