No Spoon? No Problem?

One taste of Traders Point Creamery Yogurts and you’ll know why these sweet treats made our list of Foodie Finds for October. 

European-style yogurts are made with no preservatives or stabilizers and are so smooth and creamy that you can drink them. Traders Point Creamery produces yogurts in this same style. 

The family-owned and operated artisan creamery began in 2003 as a 150-acre dairy farm in central Indiana. Now, Traders Points covers 400 acres and was the state's first USDA-certified organic dairy farm with a commitment to using no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizes, antibiotics or growth hormones. Traders Point Creamery yogurts blend 100% grass-fed whole milk from free-range cows and natural flavors into recyclable glass jars just big enough for one single-serve snack.

Given that they’re made with nothing but all-natural ingredients, it’s no surprise that Traders Point Creamery yogurts are good for you. But did you know the yogurts are higher in omega-3s and probiotics than other snack-sized yogurts? Pair that with the benefits of organic milk and flavors like Banana Mango, Raspberry, Low-Fat Vanilla, and a Wildberry blend of açaí, strawberry and blackberry, and you might have trouble finding a favorite. 
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