Let Tea Lift You Up Where You Oolong

Turn your daily tea routine into a tea experience with Lahaha Loose Pouch Teas discovered exclusively for Central Market and now an October Foodie Find. 

Tea has been an integral part of life in China for millennia. As the story goes, tea was accidentally discovered by Shennong, a Chinese emperor and herbalist in 2737 BCE. 

Shennong had servants boil his drinking water before he drank it as a way to purify it. During an army campaign, the emperor’s tea was boiled as usual, but a dead leaf from a nearby wild tea bush found its way into the water. No one noticed the water’s brownish color, and Emperor Shennong liked the new drink.
As years passed, tea preparation evolved. Teacakes or bricks made of dried compressed tea leaves were boiled in hot water as an early brewing method. The Chinese adopted roasting as a brewing method around the 13th century. The roasting method lead to loose pouch teas. 

Lahaha Loose Pouch Teas are made with all-natural tea leaves from gardens and plantations in China. Dedicated growers hand-pick the leaves in springtime when the leaves are at their most flavorful. The leaves are carefully picked so that the bitter steams remain on the plant. 

Lahaha experts, along with our Tea Buyer, naturally process the leaves and sample the teas for the best flavor profiles. Only the highest quality tea leaves are chosen for our loose pouches.
Treat yourself to blends of green, black, white, oolong tea, and sip your way to relaxation! 
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Ayhan wrote on 11/7/2013 8:06:30 PM

I like black tea with Ginger because it is very good to my Fibers , I hope to find more information about herbal teas .. Thank u Ayhan

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