Jazz, Blues, and Other Pairings

It is no coincidence that we’re rolling in over 30 varieties of crisp, tangy, in-season apples just in time for Seize the Cheese. These two versatile Foodie favorites make the perfect combo for so many settings, whether artfully displayed on your cheese platter for a Fall costume party or in the kiddo’s lunchbox at school. It’s a classic idea that you can always pick up new inspiration for at Central Market, since we’re bringing in the freshest innovations for you.

Hook up your Jazz apples with a wicked strong blue like Point Reyes (pictured). Honeycrisp apples and Henning’s Wisconsin Cheddar are a blissful mating, and Sweetango apples happily pair with Vermont Farmstead Governor’s Cheddar. Save your Sweeties for our special Grand Cru Reserve (featured in the Foodie Find this month) and Sartori’s Canella Bellavitano cheese is so  cinnamon-y sweet that it doesn’t really need an apple pairing, but a tart and tangy Zestar will balance it out well.  

There is no wrong combination for cheese and apples, really. Pick what you like and go with your instincts. Pair old favorites with the hottest new hits, and add to your repertoire each time you visit us. With 30 varieties of apples and over 500 varieties of cheese, the possibilities are endless.
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