Seize the Cheese

Are you really into cheese? I mean, are you really into cheese? Could you start your own blues club? Do you like a bold goat’s milk cheese, or are you rather sheepish? Have you kept a record of new cheeses you try? Do you call it your cheese log? For the next two weeks, October will be all about cheese: Our annual homage to fromage, Seize the Cheese, begins October 9 and runs through October 22. 

We’re slicing, sampling, and savoring more than 600 different cheeses from all over the globe and right here at home. Whether you’re a cheese newbie or a certified caseophile (fancy words for “cheese-lover”), we promise you’ll learn something new.

Our experts are ready to help your assemble a prize-winning cheese board and discover a new favorite, and a new favorite style. Go beyond “sliced in sandwiches,” “spread on crackers,” and “grated over pastas” and learn unique ways to cook with cheese, as well as a host of recipes to try. You’ll learn how to pair cheeses with wines, fruits, and other foods, for a perfectly pleasing cheesy experience.

Here’s a look at what you'll find during Seize the Cheese:

Our stores are hosting several Demos and Tastings, featuring cheesemakers and importers from around the world, the country, and the state. 
  • Make sure to take time and chat with Zoe Brickley from Jasper Hill, the sole location where Cabot's famous clothbound cheddar is aged.
  • Sample cheeses new to Central Market from Jacobs & Brichford in Indiana. Jacobs & Brichford cheesemakers will be on hand to share their Everton, Arabella, and Briana cheeses. 
  • Or take a bite of the two newest Sofi winners from Point Reyes, Toma and the new Bay Blue.

We've also planned Cooking Schools to help begin your cheese journey or take a few more steps -- whether you want to learn all about one style of cheese or learn all you can about just one. Check your store’s calendar of events for more tastings.

We're also happy to introduce Central Market's New Certified Cheese Professionals. After years of work and studying all things cheese, a small group of our Central Market Cheese Partners were among the 200 cheesemongers from across the nation who sat for the second American Cheese Society’s Certified Cheese Professional Exam.  

Our Partners proved their mastery of everything from cheesemaking and aging, selling and pairing to storage and handling, distribution, transportation, nutrition, and regulations, and passed the exam with flying colors.

Cheese Experts
Central Market's newest cheese masters from left to right are: 

  • Lisa Matras, Central Market Plano
  • Juliana Wimberley, Central Market Austin – North Lamar
  • Jeremy Jackson, Central Market Austin – Westgate
  • Brandon Campbell, Central Market Fort Worth
  • Lindsay Swinson, Central Market Dallas

Our professionals are ready to answer any question you might have. And, of course, our Cheese Partners can help point you in the right direction. 

If you want to do some studying of your own, take a look at our Cheese Guide, and get ready to Seize the Cheese! 

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Helen wrote on 10/10/2014 8:55:00 AM

Congrats to the Cheese Masters! Brandon has been a cheese master for many years.

arthur lambert wrote on 10/22/2013 1:40:43 PM

What's the new promotion starting on Oct 24th ?

Amy Fifer wrote on 10/13/2013 11:42:09 AM

I was just at Central Market on Coit & George Bush. I'm sad to say they only had 1 cheese to sample. So disappointed and underwhelmed! :-(

Megan wrote on 10/10/2013 6:14:54 PM

Real Reblochon is prohibited in the US because it's raw-milk and aged for less than 60 days. We have DELICE DU JURA REBLOCHON STYLE or you could also use Epoisse (a pre-ordered item, call the store ahead of time)

Megan wrote on 10/9/2013 11:57:09 AM

Hello!! With Tartiflette season nearly upon us, I'm wondering if you'll be stocking any reblochon?

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