Easy Squeezy

Just think of the magic you can make with Castillo de Piñar Balsamic Reduction Vinegar.

The vinegars are made with real balsamic vinegar and specially selected Lambrusco and Sangiovese red wine grapes, and Trebbiano white wine grapes from Modena, Italy. After the grapes are aged in oak and chestnut casks, the mixture is moved to South Africa for the reduction process. 

There, the vinegars are blended with wine vinegar, freshly pressed grape juice, spices, cane sugar, and real fruits to create the Piñar family’s USDA-certified organic vinegars.
The reduction vinegars are each packaged in squeeze bottles that make it easy for even non-professional kitchen mavens to add artful garnishes to plates and platters, or drizzle grill meats, fish, salads, and even mixed drinks with these foodie-friendly flavors:

Citrus  tart and flavored with organic oranges & lemons, cane sugar and sea salt.

Thyme  made with Lambrusco, Sangiovese, and Trebbiano grapes, thyme, and cane sugar.

Lemon  a blend of Trebbiano grapes, organic ginger, lemon, cane sugar, chili, and spices.

Ginger – organic ginger and cane sugar with no preservatives or colorants

Also try Tomato Basil and Coconut Coriander. Embrace the squeeze bottle, and your let creativity flow!
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