Better with Age

Our Deli Experts hand-selected Prosciutto Tanara produced by the Tanara family, who have been in the business of producing authentic Prosciutto di Parma for decades using hands-on selecting and curing methods.  This Prosciutto is aged 30 months, to create its traditional, homemade flavor, melt-in-your-mouth moisture, and feather-light tenderness. 

The methods start with carefully selected high-quality pork from designated areas and raised on all-natural feed that includes cereal grains. The ham is salted by a single expert with authentic Sicilian sea salt.
Throughout the aging process, experts use a horse bone needle to monitor development. The needle is inserted into the ham several times, absorbing scents. Experts evaluate these aromas to tell how the prosciutto is progressing.
Once Tanara experts are satisfied, and we’re sure the prosciutto is up to Central Market standards, the hams are stamped with the well-know Tanara logo and shipped fresh to our Deli where our Partners are happy to slice it to order. While Prosciutto Tanara is excellent out of hand, try it wrapped around crispy asparagus, or as the main ingredient in a really, really good sandwich!  
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