A Breadth of Fresh Gruyère

Our Cheese Partners traveled to Monroe, Wisconsin, where the most authentic Swiss-style cheeses are made using old-school methods, to select Grand Cru Reserve especially for our October Foodie Finds.  

Grand Cru Reserve is a hard, yellow Gruyère-style Swiss cheese made with cow’s milk. You may also hear Gruyère referred to as an Alpine cheese. That’s because the milk used in the cheeses typically comes from cows that have grazed on mountainsides. The traditional methods of making Gruyère include heating the milk in huge copper vats and naturally ripening wheels in room temperature on wooden wheels for between three and 10 months. The longer the cheese is ripened, the more intense the flavor.
Expect intense flavor from our Grand Cru Reserve. Our Experts, along with our Deli/Cheese Buyer, faced a room full of Gruyère wheels stacked two stories high and curing on wooden boards while in Wisconsin (which, incidentally, produces the most Swiss-style cheese outside Switzerland).The Team tasted wheels, and eventually found the perfect batch for Central Market: straw-colored, milky-sweet, and slightly salty, with rich, earthy, full-bodied flavors of toasted nuts and buttery cocao.
Grand Cru Reserve makes an excellent table cheese. It’s great of snacking, especially when melted. If you love dipping cubes of bread in creamy, melted cheese, this cheese will fondu it for you. Likewise for the perfect gourmet grilled cheese sandwich or French onion soup. It’s also great over pastas, veggies, mac & cheese, and salads. Complete your meal (or your snack) with whites wines, sparkling cider, or Bock beers – all of which pair well with GruyèreGrand Cru Reserve.
For more pairing tips, talk to our Deli Partners. Ask for a sample! 
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