From Spain with Love

Many of the cheese that we sell have rich traditions of farming and cheese making, but very few, dare I say only one cheese, has a story and history that involves a CIA agent, a European Count, true love, and a deep affection for an estate located in Extremadura, Spain.  We are so exicted to introduce you to Finca Pascualete, a mini sheep's milk torta, sure to be a highlight of Hail to the Cheese.

The history behind this cheese goes back to World War II when a young Brooklyn born model named Aline Griffith was recruited by the CIA.  The mission she was selected for was to infiltrate the high society in Spain and report back to the U.S.  During this mission she ended up falling in love with Luis Figueroa y Perez de Guzman del Bueno, who became the Count of Ramanones after his grandfather's death.  Luis inherited several estates throughout Spain, and one in particular caught the attention of Aline, Finca Pascualete.  Aline has dedicated her life to preserving the culture and tradition of the estate.  Now, her grandson, Juan Figueroa is now in charge of the farm and overseas the cheese making.

Story is exciting, yes, but the first thing that I asked after hearing about this is, "how does it taste" and the answer is delicious.  The cheese is creamy, almost liquidy in the center, perfect for spreading or dipping, and the flavor is light and easy with hints of floral and herbs.  The cheese has the characteristics it does because of the area of Extremadura is unique, the landscape is filled with wild herbs and berries where the sheep graze.  
It can't go without saying that this cheese was also the 2011 Winner of the Super Gold Medal winner at the World Cheese Awards. When we found this cheese we knew we had to have it, and now, Finca Pascualete is exclusive to Central Market. Shipments have begun to arrive and will be stocked in all stores by November 1st.

As a special treat, Juan will be at our Plano store to sample and answer questions in person on October 16th from 11am-6pm, so please stop by and try this new fantastic cheese.
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Clayton wrote on 10/20/2012 8:27:53 PM

I just picked some Finca up tonight from the San Antonio location, and broke into it as soon as I got home. It was amazing, and I hope that they keep it around for a while, as I'll definitely be buying it again.

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