Learn All About Roasting With Molly Stevens

Nigella Lawson, James Beard Award winner James Peterson and Blue Hill Farm’s Dan Barber have nothing but praise for Molly Stevens and her comprehensive investigation of roasting in All About Roasting.

It’s clearly not as simple as seasoning the meat, waiting until the oven reaches a high temperature and counting the minutes until your roast is done. In her upcoming classes at Central Market cooking school, Molly discusses the many ways of roasting and demonstrates techniques that can be applied to a variety of meats, seafood, vegetables and fruits.

As Molly says, “The finest cooks are the ones who understand the why behind the how,” which is just what you’ll get—and more—during an evening spent with this award-winning instructor. Among the recipes Molly demonstrates are garlic-roasted shrimp with tomatoes, capers and feta; roasted cauliflower “steaks” with crunchy parsley-pine nut bread crumbs; and orange-scented honey-roasted figs with black pepper.

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