Flavor Flours: A New Way of Baking

Revolutionize your baking.

Innovative baker and cookbook author Alice Medrich, will be in Austin, Dallas, and Houston Cooking Schools this week to introduce you to the flavors and textures of classic treats made with wheat-free flours. Whether you are interested in upping the flavors in your baked goods, like to experiment with ingredients and texture, or are looking for reliable wheat-free recipes, you’ll want to attend Flavor Flours.

Alice Medrich’s classes held this week in our Cooking Schools at Austin North Lamar on November 12th, Dallas Lovers Lane on November 13th, and Houston on November 15th.

Ms. Medrich has won more cookbook-of-the-year awards and bests-in-the-dessert-and-baking categories than any other author, so you’ll be introduced to these new techniques by an innovator and expert in her field. Martha Stewart Living declares that “Alice began by isolating the best properties of a host of nonwheat flours, and then created treats that spotlight their flavors. The results are delicious, and just happen to be gluten-free.” And David Lebovitz adds “Alice Medrich introduces us to a new round of flours, revising the classics as well as creating a spectacular, contemporary range of desserts for today’s tastes using natural grains to dial up flavors. Flavor Flours breaks new ground for bakers, and each page tempts with a delicious new discovery.”

So gather your friends who like to bake and spend a few hours with one of our most personable and informed instructors as she broadens your horizons, piques your curiosity with the possibilities, and tempts your taste buds. You’ll be inspired to add some of her newest recipes to your holiday meals and plans for gift giving.

Photo credit: Excerpted from Flavor Flours by Alice Medrich (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2014. Photographs by Leigh Beisch.
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Maria Cisneros wrote on 9/9/2015 12:10:10 PM

are there any gluten free cooking school events this year(2015).

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