The Star of Your Holiday Meal is Here

This year introduce a new leading lady to your Thanksgiving dinner table. Juicy, tender, and filled with flavor, Mary’s Free-Range All-Natural Turkeys are ready for their close-up this holiday season.

These birds are always fresh and never frozen, and you won’t find additives, preservatives, antibiotics, or added hormones in Mary’s turkeys – just pure flavor! Whether your holiday table is set for a small group or a large one, we’ve got Mary’s Free-Range All-Natural Turkeys in sizes from 8 to 24 pounds.

The Mary in Mary's Free-Range All-Natural Turkeys is Mary Pittman. She and her family have raised turkeys on family-owned farms in Central California since 1954. Son David, a third-generation Pitman farmer, leads the company today.  He continues the tradition of pampering turkeys with a diet of nutrient-rich grains and vegetable proteins that allow them to grow plump and tender. The turkeys also have plenty of room to roam; Mary's birds freely roam areas four times the size of average commercial turkey farms. 

You can reserve your turkey online or by calling our Holiday Hotline, and of course you can always visit our Market Department for Mary's Free-Range All-Natural Turkeys, as well as Mary's Free-Range Certified Organic Fresh Turkeys, and in limited quantities Mary's Free-Range Heritage Turkeys. The Standard Bronze and Narragansett turkeys are true heritage breeds, with a richer flavor and a history that dates back to the first Thanksgiving. Seven true heritage breeds, including Standard Bronze and Narragansett, were identified in the 1874 American Poultry Association's turkey Standard of Perfection, and saved from extinction by the efforts of a few farmers, like the Pitman family, and the Heritage Turkey Foundation over the last 20 years.

Browse our selection of savory sides to complete your holiday meal! 
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