Pacari Chocolate - Handmade, Mouthwatering, and Exclusively at Central Market

Central Market exclusive, Pacari Chocolate has a lot of new hardware to take home to its native Ecuador.  This stupendous chocolate maker just won six golds and three silver medals at the International Chocolate Awards in London including best dark chocolate bar, best organic, and best flavored dark chocolate bar.

The general philosophy at Pacari is to make chocolate that tastes as close to the flavor of the bean as possible, instead of trying to create something new out of the chocolate. I could get real geeky here and describe how they only use Arriba Nacional cacao, plants native to Ecuador, and that Ecuadorian chocolate is fruity with floral notes. Instead, I will tell you that when our chocolate buyer sent me an email about all the awards Pacari won, I went to the store and grabbed a few bars, and could not put them down. I do not have a particularly large sweet tooth, which is why this chocolate maker who's bars focus mainly on dark chocolate are perfect for me.  
Of the bars that I tasted including, Lemongrass, Chili and Los Rios 72%, the Cuzco Pink Salt and Nibs, was my favorite.  The bit of salt, the crunch from the nibs, then the sweetness and smoothness from the chocolate itself satisfies a large number of cravings. Not to over simplify this exquisite handmade chocolate, but the Salt and Nibs bar has characteristics that are in the same vein as a chocolate covered pretzel. Did I mention that these chocolates are high in antioxidants, bonus.
Another bonus, Pacari is working really hard to be a socially and environmentally responsible company.  By working directly with small scale farmers, not middle men, they ensure that farmers are fairly compensated for their products. And, in an effort to promote the use of sustainable and organic agriculture, Pacari only purchases from certified organic farms, which helps to protect the priceless stock of Ecuadorian cacao. Find out more about Pacari on their website
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Wendy wrote on 11/2/2012 6:35:09 PM

Ooohhhh. I really need to make a trip to CM to try this chocolate. It sounds heavenly.

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