Pop Up Lebanese Dinner with Anissa Helou

International Food Authority Anissa Helou is “Popping-Up” with us for special dinners in the CM Cooking Schools

Anissa Helou is an internationally known food writer, art collector, journalist and broadcaster, and is one of the leading experts on the cuisines of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. She will be in the U.S., speaking at the prestigious WORLD OF FLAVORS conference at the CIA, Culinary Institute of America, and we've convinced her to tour Texas on her way back home.  We will host “Pop Up Lebanese Dinners with Anissa Helou”  where you'll enjoy a seasonal meal of Lebanese specialties in a relaxed atmosphere as she shows slides of the markets, kitchens and food stalls that she has discovered on her travels. Get insight into the traditions and cuisine of an ancient country with this special Central Market Cooking School event that will be sure to grow your taste and satisfy your appetite for learning and food.  

Houston - Tuesday, November 6 Register
Dallas Lovers - Wednesday, November 7 Register
Austin North Lamar -  Thursday, November 8 Register

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