Hansel and Gretel Eat Your Heart Out

Starting tomorrow, we will have hands-on gingerbread house decorating classes offered at our Central Market Cooking Schools throughout the month of December.  A great project for the whole family, the house is ready to decorate and comes with royal icing and mountans of colorful candies —just add creativity.

I know that I am not the only one who can be nostalgic about these minature works of art.  There was always the thrill of finding just the right place for the last pepermint or gumdrop, so it is no wonder that stories of these spiced structures span countires and genearations.

Our artisan bakers a make European-style gingerbread using the best ingredients and a 400-year-old traditional Lebkuchen recipe. Then, guided by our team of instructors, and your unlimited creativity, participants will decorate a one-of-a-kind memory to take home. 

Classes are available at the following Cooking Schools:

Austin North Lamar
12/1 - 10am
12/2 - 10am* and 5pm

Dallas Lovers Lane
12/9 - 2pm
12/16 - 2pm*

Dallas Preston Royal
12/1 - 10am

Fort Worth
12/1 - 12pm
12/2 - 12pm
12/22 - 12pm
12/23 - 12pm

12/2 - 10am* and 2pm*
12/9 - 10am* and 2pm*
12/16 - 10am* and 2pm*
12/22 - 10am* and 2pm*

12/15 - 10am and 1pm
12/22 - 10am and 1pm

San Antonio
12/16 - 2pm

12/15 - 10am and 1:30pm*

*Classes are currently waitlisted.

See all other Cooking School classes on our website.
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