Celebrate the Holidays With a Traditional Tuscan Meal

Gina Stipo, an American who went to Tuscany and never came home, reports that the olive harvest this year was earlier than the usual November 1 because of the draught. Lucky participants on her fall tour got to spend a day harvesting olives and participating in a tasting before moving on to investigate vineyard and crocus farms, whose crop deliver saffron threads.

Learn to enjoy family, food and tradition like a Tuscan in our cooking schools. Gina peppers her demonstration with fascinating stories of life in the Tuscan countryside. Her demonstration includes these traditional holiday dishes and plenty of tips on how to make them: antipasto of calamari arrabbiati (spicy calamari); primo piatto of zuppa di castagna (chestnut soup); porchetta e patate arroste (Tuscan roasted pork and potatoes); and panzarotti (fried chestnut ravioli).

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