The Stuffed of Legend

With summer about to heat up, it’s time to plan your next grilling masterpiece. Look no further than Central Market’s Stuffed Burgers hand-crafted daily by our Market Partners. 

After all, what could be better than a hot, juicy, tasty Angus burger filled with melted, cheesy deliciousness fresh from the grill? 

Our stuffed burgers made with freshly ground Natural Angus beef are bursting with ingredients guaranteed to make you rethink your regular hamburger:  Cheddar-Garlic, Blue Cheese, Fontina and Wild Mushroom, Oaxaca and Bacon, and new Caprese made with fresh basil, tomatoes and Mozzarella. With this much flavor in one juicy burger, you could bypass the bun!
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Dave Shapiro wrote on 5/16/2014 12:43:43 PM

In what department is this sold? If it's in the meat market, please show it clearly, as I have no idea what "market partners" are. Secondly, please admonish your West Gate store to sync with your ads. Last week, you advertised kiwi fruit for 79 cents , but in the store the display said 99 cents, and the scale also showed 99 cents. I had to show the cashier the printed flyer order to pay the advertised price.

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