Practically Perfect In Every Way

A knack for finding fancy flavors + a love of popcorn = quite possibly the best popcorn ever. Chef Gary Poppins always loved popcorn. It was his go-to munchie for just about everything from studying to watching TV to noshing on it while creating other dishes. Out of the blue, he decided to turn his foodie creativity to popcorn and ask, "How can this be better?"

The answer? Flavors. New, unique, fun, foodie-friendly flavors that blow "butter" and "cheese" out of the water. How about Caramel and Bacon? Cheddar, Bacon and Ranch? Even Kettle and Coffee? Those are just some of the gourmet-grade flavors Chef Poppins created by tinkering with his favorite snack and all-natural ingredients you most likely already love. So forget the butter! Go for sweet-and-salty, or sweet-and-bacon for a whole new spin on an old favorite. 
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