Sip into Something Cool

With another Texas Summer around the corner, we’ve got the perfect way for you to stay cool by the pool. Our Summer Refreshers, three mixed drinks of the light, fruity variety, combine summer-friendly beers and wines with seasonal fruit juices for beverages that taste like summer in a glass. The best part? Our summer sippers couldn’t be easier to make:  Open bottle. Pour contents in pitcher. Add juice. Then … just chill. 

Mimosa – Upgrade the summer stand-by with Cava Vibracions, a Spanish sparkling wine making its Texas debut and produced by the Masachs family from hand-harvested grapes. The brilliant bubbly boasts notes of white flowers and citrus, making it ideal for blending with Central Market’s freshly squeezed juices invarieties like vibrant orange and zesty lemon-ginger. For more exotic flavors, add Central Market Organics Italian Sodas in flavors like Pomegranate. 

Red or White Sangría – For traditional Sangría, the blood-red kind, blend a bottle of Spain’s Ressò Garnacha Red with orange juice, lemonade, and ginger ale for a sharp summer drink with a little citrus spice. Ressò Red  comes from the Terra Alta region of Spain, where it’s produced from a blend of grapes for signature fruit notes of strawberries, licorice, black raspberry, and just a hint of pepper. Lovers of Sangría blanco should substitute Ressò White for the Red, and top it off with thinly sliced pineapple rings, peeled kiwi, or mixed berries.  

Summer Shandy – Beer drinkers, think of the Summer Shandy as a summer romance with your favorite blonde. Equal parts lemonade, ginger beer (or sparkling water if you’re not into gingers) and a  light, full-bodied blonde ale, followed by a dash of Angostura Bitters, and voila! You’ve got a bright, warm-weather drink that’s light enough to fight the heat, but strong enough to keep your beer drinker bona fides intact. 
Whether you choose a favorite, or try all three, you're sure to find summer drink that's perfect for knocking back while kicking back.
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