Poultry in Motion

Our chef-prepared Rotisserie Chickens are just like us: Texas-born and Texas-bred. That’s something no other retailer can say!

Raised in Gonzales on all-natural diets in a self-sustained hatchery and feed mill. Their diets don't include added hormones. The chickens are never frozen, and they contain no artificial colors or MSG.

What they do have is huge flavor that comes from a special blend herbs and spices from Austin. Our Rotisserie chickens are rubbed with the pure, premium spices and all-natural herbs, and marinated overnight for more intense flavor and a crispy skin. We fire-roast our fresh chickens multiple times daily in small batches to give you the plumpest, juiciest Rotisserie Chickens you'll anywhere! 

Try our unique flavors:

• Fra Diavolo
• Fennel lemon
• Calabrese
• Traditional
• Classic
• Tuscan
• Citrus peppercorn

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