'Nduja: Hard to Pronounce, Easy to Enjoy

The minute I first tried this spicy, spreadable, cured sausage I knew that it would become a regular part of my culinary repertoire. Pronounced en-doo-ja, this new item from La Quercia is one of my very favorite Passport Italy treats. Here is why...

First it is extremely versatile. Wonderful just slathered on warm bread or a cracker, but moving just beyond an antipasti platter, I have already decided that it would be delicious on almost any sandwich, grilled cheese, or burger. 
'Nduja is a specialty of Calabria, in southern Italy. Traditionally considered peasant food, the Italian version is made from the "poor cuts" of pork preserved with Calabrian pepper, but the 'Nduja Americana from La Quercia is made with prosciutto and speck - quite the opposite of poor cuts. This version is spiced with American red pepper and is has a great balance between umami and spice. 
Most recently, I made a cavatelli pasta and slightly warmed the 'nduja to create a sauce, mixed the pasta with the sauce, then topped the finished pasta with fresh ricotta that you can find in the deli case. As I was eating dinner, I was already thinking about to make the dish again. 
Make sure you make a point to try this new treat while Passport Italy continues through May 13. We promise, you will thank us for the recommendation.
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Kathleen B. Guinn wrote on 7/11/2014 4:27:49 PM

Yes! I would like it shipped to NC, and Brooklyn Hot Dogs as well!

Maylo wrote on 5/5/2014 9:15:13 PM

How can I order N' duja from Southlake store to my home in Georgia?

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