Knead Lunch?

Ditch your brown bag and go deep—dish, that is. Our Expert Bakers have created your new go-to lunch option that’s part Italy, part Chicago, and all Central Market.

Our deep-dish Pan Focaccia baked fresh daily in sheet pans and cut in generous slices big enough to tackle your mid-day hunger. 

And of course when it came to fresh, top-notch toppings, we went way beyond cheese and tomato. Our focaccias are bursting with toppings like Artichoke, Roasted Tomatoes & Asiago, Zucchini Ricotta, Pesto Roasted Tomato & Mozzarella, Five Cheeses, and Southwest (hint: jalapeños!). 
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Betty wrote on 9/29/2015 12:17:56 PM

What is the nutritional values of the deep-dish Pan Focaccia w/Artichoke, Roasted Tomatoes & Asiago? i.e. sodium, carbohydrates, protein, etc..

Charlotte Rudd wrote on 5/26/2014 9:08:58 PM

Not sure what URL is - but I'm commenting on the "Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake Mix - which is very yummy. However, in using an 8" cake pan, the center did not get done enough - while the edges were fine. I believe a 9" cake pan would do a better job, or maybe just pour the batter into a bundt cake pan and not even worry about it. I just am so glad to have our HEB in Granbury.

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