Italia in a Flash: Salumi

There are lot of different ways to say delicious in Italian, like delizioso or squisito. But for me the clear translation of delicious is salumi, salame, and salsiccia all words generally referring to seasoned meats that are then cured or smoked. We refer to our great variety of salami and Italian style dry cured sausage as salumi.

The process of salumi making is actually one of the oldest forms of food preservation.
Salt, seasonings, and other ingredients are added to preserve the meat and it is aged three weeks to six months, depending on the size and type of the salumi. Fiore refers to the molded white coating that is a natural part of the dry aging process. Fiore protects the salumi from excessive drying and enhances the flavor; simply peel it away, slice the meat thinly, and enjoy.
Best way to store uncut salami is in butcher paper to allow it to breathe.
Five Ways to Eat Salumi:
  • Try thinly sliced finocchiona salami with our new SENGA mostardas.
  • Pair soppressata with our fresh baked Pane alle Olive Castelvetrano (Olive Bread).
  • Try Bolzano salami with Alfonso olives
  • Get creative and try a mixture of olives, cured meats, and Italian cheeses for an antipasto dish (means “before the pasta” and is the traditional first course in Italy).
  • Salame Calabrese with pesto, cipollini onions, and Parmigiano Reggiano shavings on ciabatta makes a great pressed sandwich.
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