Dessert by Design

For proof that what you learn in school really can be useful in the real world, look no further than Coolhaus Ice Creams and Bars.

Founder Natasha Case studied the concept of "Farchitecture" (Food + Architecture) in a graduate architecture program, and decided that ice cream sandwiches were the perfect realization of the Farchitecture concept, given the unique structure of Coolhaus sandwiches. 

Coolhaus Ice Creams and Bars are the latest offerings in the Farchitecture movement: Premium, high-quality, dense, gelato-like ice creams and bars in fun, funky flavors with a little education thrown in to sweeten the deal.

The Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth crowds already might be familiar with Coolhaus Ice Creams. The company first broke into both markets—gaining quite the cult following along the way—with its food trucks that are still on the road today. Follow 'em on Twitter! 

Now the rest of us get a chance to discover what the Coolhaus fuss is all about, starting with the flavor. While you won’t find any bad-for-you additives like high fructose corn syrup in Coolhaus desserts, you will find real ingredients in each flavor, like fresh-pressed mint leaves in Dirty Mint Chip, and caramelized bananas in Norman Bananas Foster.

So where does the education come in? Each flavor of Coolhaus ice cream is named for a famous architect (Norman Bananas Foster. He's a real guy.), and each package features a quick bio about the architect. Now when you grab a spoon and snack right from the container, you can nosh assured that you’ll be learning something! 

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