Beware of Flying Pigs

Ezechiello Levoni began producing Levoni Salumi in 1911, when the company's first artisan prodution opened in the outskirts of Milan. By 1913, Levoni and his products were winning awards at international exhibitions—despite doubters who said he could only win "when pigs grew wings."

Levoni turned the declaration into a sort of motto—declaring his company would only compromise on quality when pigs grew wings. (Take a closer look at the Levoni logo to see just how much Ezechiello Levoni took to heart his new motto.)

To keep that promise, the family is still involved in every step of the salumi-making process, from breeding the highest quality pigs to seasoning using all-natural herbs and spices to curing to packaging. 

The result is impossibly light, flavor-filled, certified prosciutto from San Daniele, authentic Italian porchetta, and coppa arrosto handmade from Levoni family recipes using fresh herbs, spices, and wines. 
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