50 Shades of Green

Former Central Market Produce Partner Sean Henry knew Frances & Thatcher Farms Salad Mixes were perfect for our stores when he co-founded the farm in 2008.  With our committment to bringing customers to high-quality, locally grown produce, Central Market was proud to be one of Frances & Thatcher Farms' first customers.

Gorgeous, fresh-as-can-be, leafy, vibrant greens like basil, arugula, lettuces, kale, komatsuna, mizuna, mustard greens, and more, are expertly tended and cultivated without pesticides in climate-controlled greenhouses in Waxahachie and Manor, Texas.

Our selection includes three Frances & Thatcher Farms varieties: Baby Lettuce, Kale, and Spring Mix. The Baby Lettuce includes smaller versions of Lollo, Romain, and Oak Leaf lettuce, while the Spring Mix is a combination of 15 varieties of heirloom lettuces. Enjoy alone or add a host of colorful veggies for a salad worthy of any first-star restaurant. 

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