Summer: The Season of the Burger

Nothing says summer like a burger sizzling on the grill. To help you make the most of the hot days and long nights by the patio, here’s a round-up of our guides and recipes to make you the most popular grill master on the block. 

Go-to Guide: How to Grill Burgers and Dogs. Our guide shares everything you need to know from cooking temperatures to prepping your patties. 

How to Master a Best-in-Class Barbecue. Sure, gathering your nearest and dearest in your backyard makes for a great impromptu party, but if you really want to give the neighbors something to talk about, check out our guide on how to throw the best barbecue on the block. 

Recipes. Now's the time to let go of "with cheese" as your go-to answer to "how do you like your burgers." Browse our recipes, and get creative. 
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