Party-Priced Punto Rosso Prosecco

Throw a party for no reason while Punto Rosso is on sale at your favorite Central Market. We do it all the time!

I can’t believe it. I can’t believe how low this price is. This is day-before-payday-wine low. I mean, this is less than wine I buy, that I would never admit to buying, and would wear a fake nose/glasses/moustache at the check-out cheap. That’s cheap.

Right now, only at Central Market, buy two bottles of Prosecco Punto Rosso for only $15. That’s basically, buy one get one free, as the wine is normally priced at $14.95 a bottle. And guess what?  You still get your 10% case discount when you buy 6 or more.  That’s stock-the-bar price. That’s invite-the-in-laws price. That’s office party gift-giving price. And best of all, it’s treat-yourself to a treat price.

Of course, our wines are always an amazing value and of the highest Foodie standards. These light, crisp, elegant summer bubbles from prestigious winemakers Riondo are a Central Market exclusive and never disappoint. Pair with any of your favorite soft cheeses and summer grilling fare. This is the perfect poolside companion for those of us who shun cold beer on hot days. So dash down to Lovers Lane in your flip flops and grab yourself a case, or at least a couple bottles. They are $9.95 sold separately, so buying only one is a definite party foul. Take advantage of this two-fer deal now through June. Happy Summer!
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