Mother’s Day is in the Bag

Just about anything you buy at Central Market will thrill your mom. As soon as she sees one of our bags, she knows something good is in it. To make it a little easier on you, here are some of the favorites from our Dallas Lovers Partners:

Specialty Foods:  Something about raising children makes a woman crave chocolate. Even the most devoted health-watchers and sugar abstainers need a little treat sometimes. Somebody’s Mother’s Chocolate Sauce is a favorite that is fun to say and perfect for Mom to drizzle over ice cream or pretty much anything in the house. She’ll most likely hide the sauce in the pantry, so whenever she decides to drizzle goodies will be in reach. Don’t judge.

Healthy Living: From time to time, every mom needs a relaxing soak. 80 Acres Body Care is new to Central Market and handcrafted in Petaluma, CA purely from olive oil. The scents are amazing – Blood Orange is my favorite (hint) – and we have a wide selection and price range to choose from. The beautiful packaging requires little to no wrapping on your part.

Floral: Not everyone realizes where to get a gorgeous floral arrangement at a great price, Central Market is that place. You can grab a stunning custom bouquet executed by a talented floral designer and pick up a bottle of wine and a live lobster all under the same roof. But we also have the last-minute, budget-friendly flowers and – like everything we sell – they are a cut above the rest. We even have individual bunches starting at $3.99 each or 3 for $10.00.
Bakery: Go beyond breakfast in bed, with one of our in-house made desserts. We now have two different beautiful European style Mousse cakes, one filled with raspberry and Sabayon then finished with red cocoa, or lemon with a strawberry Prosecco filling and lemon glaze.
Wine: No one appreciates a hard-earned glass of wine quite like Mom. Trust us - no matter how difficult your day may have seemed - hers was harder. Put yourself in her shoes for a minute, then put a glass of Pianello sparkling pink Prosecco in her hand. On sale this week, 2 for $20.
Gift Basket: A gorgeous, custom-designed gift basket is another great idea that appears as if you spent more time on it than you did. Of course, you can walk the store and lovingly select Mom’s favorite products yourself, and our talented team of designers will arrange and wrap it for you, but before you spend the time on that make sure you check out the ones we’ve already made just for her. Choose from bath & body products, tea & cookies, wine & cheese and more. She’ll never know you were in and out of the store in less than 10 minutes.

Most moms love whatever you give them, but if your mother is anything like mine, she’ll return it as soon as you walk out the door. For these discriminating ladies, I strongly suggest the gift of shopping. Stop by our Info Center or any register to pick up a Central Market gift card and let the shopping experience be her gift. Maybe keep the kids for an hour so she can make her selections in peace? Sounds like bliss to me. However you decide to show your gratitude, we have it in the bag. Just add a hug and you’re done.
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Lynda Sandlin wrote on 5/6/2015 6:26:08 PM

What happened to the Mother's Day "breakfast in bed" in a bag?!?! I've had that every year since I became a mother except last year - which I incorrectly assumed was merely an oversight. First you got rid of NYE in a bag, and now Mother's Day. Should I make dinner reservations out for Valentine's next year too? What is the deal, Central Market?!

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