Make the most of Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is approaching fast, (it’s May 12, 2013 FYI), and while moms the world over insist “it’s the thought that counts,” we can help you turn your thoughts into excellent reality.

Thinking brunch? Go against the grain and prepare a fabulous brunch for Mom all on your own. Browse our brunch recipes for a meal fit for a queen (I personally like the sound of Lemon French Toast and other various fun, fruit-flavored baked goods. Tangerine Scones!) For extra mom-points, make it “brunch in bed” (You can also find a host of recipes for lunch or dinner!). For more brunch entertaining ideas, see our Celebration Brunch Entertaining Theme
Of course you’re thinking flowers. You’ll find a rainbow of gorgeous stems for the perfect bouquet, whether you want to keep it traditional with roses and go for something more exotic. Brunch wouldn't be complete without wine (neither would lunch or dinner, for that matter.). Our Wine Experts can help find the perfect wine to pair with your brunch plans, or the best bubbly for mimosas made with our freshly squeezed juices which you will pick up in the Produce department.
If cooking isn’t your thing, not to worry. Our Chef’s Case will have scores of ready-made dishes you can take credit for, including quiches in flavors such as traditional Lorraine, tomato basil and spinach mushroom. Complete your Mother’s Day meal with a scratch-made dessert from the Bakery department. May we suggest a lovely Mousse Cake?
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